Your Complete Guide On How To Be A Great Neck Kisser!

Your Complete Guide On How To Be A Great Neck Kisser!

Whether you're getting it on with a new hottie or spending some sexytime with your boo, kissing plays an important role in any sexual escapade. This is because kissing is a good signal of chemistry between a couple--so if you feel lukewarm when you smooch your boyfriend, the sex is likely to be lacklustre as well. On the other hand, a steamy makeout sesh will most definitely lead to good sex.

Speaking of kissing, if you want to keep things interesting, we suggest you upgrade from your vanilla high-school makeout--you wouldn't want to rush over the appetisers and hastily get to the main course *wink*. There are several kissing styles you can add to your makeout repertoire, but neck kissing is definitely the most popular and effective one. Confused? Let us show you the reigns.

How To Be A Good Neck Kisser

Several people enjoy getting kissed on their neck, and that's because our neck is a sensitive area with a lot of nerve endings. If you're anxious about whether or not you're doing it right, relax--there are several ways you can kiss your partner's neck. Follow our guide and you'll be an expert in no time.

Start Slowly

If you've never kissed your partner's neck before, we wouldn't suggest you start off aggressively. The best way to begin is to plant soft, slow kisses along the sides of their neck and see how they react to that. And don't hesitate to use your tongue!

Pay Attention To These Spots


The best way to judge whether your partner is enjoying what you are doing is by observing how they react. But knowledge is power, so keep these extra sensitive spots in mind the next time you decide to give your partner's neck some love. The nape of the neck is the most sensitive part of the neck, and should not be ignored. The sides of the neck, under the ears, are also good areas!

If You Want To Get Rough...

...Try using teeth! But start off gentle, and ask your partner if they're into it. You don't want to catch them off-guard and watch them wince in pain. If they like what you do, slowly increase the intensity from soft nibbles to passionate bites. But don't try anything that will land them in the ER!

Hickeys or not?


Honestly, I'm surprised when I hear that some adults are *still* into hickeys--I always thought they were a teenage badge of honour. If you and your partner enjoy giving each other hickeys, I'd suggest going for spots that can be easily covered under clothing, AKA not the neck! Hickeys on the neck can be particularly embarrassing if you have a day job. And watch out for accidental hickeys--since the skin around the neck is super sensitive, it can bruise easily and deeply. 

Mix It Up!

Add variety to your kissing style by mixing it up--so you can kiss your partner's lips, ears, collarbones, nipples and shoulders between neck kisses. And who said neck kissing needs to be limited to foreplay? If your partner's neck is accessible while you're having sex, go for it!

So are you ready to try your new moves on bae tonight?

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