Your Ultimate Guide To Cancelling Weekend Plans For Some 'Me' Time!

Your Ultimate Guide To Cancelling Weekend Plans For Some 'Me' Time!

Tell me if this sounds relatable? It's the middle of the week, you get a text from your college bud whom you haven't met in a while, you get excited and take the conversation forward. It all ends with you agreeing to a night of partying and raging hard on the coming Saturday. But as Saturday approaches your mind starts racing in a gazillion directions. The dread takes over your body and you just cannot shrug it off. 

Don't you worry (don't you worry) child, here's the ultimate guide to help you cancel plans last minute and stay in sweatpants all Saturday night.

Netflix and chill for one? Yes, please.


Step One: Let It Sink In

You've made the plan, you've already screwed up so let that sink in properly. Why did you do it? Well, maybe you were getting annoyed with the office on Wednesday and needed a little pick-me-up. But by the time it has come around, you remember you actually hate going out. Drinking a bottle of rosé while watching Rupaul's Drag Race is a pretty sweet way to spend your Saturday, okay!


Step Two: Come Up With An Original Excuse

You can let your imagination run wild in this step. Some excuses that we swear by:

  1. Ghar par rajma chawal bane hai.
  2. My paternal grandfather's sister's daughter's friend's nephew is in town, I just have to show him around.
  3. My door is jammed and I've been trying to open it for 10 mins. You know how superstitious I am, this must be a sign.
  4. I played the 'Om Om Om Om' tune from Koi Mil Gaya and Jaadu showed up in my garage. 
  5. I was coming but then I remembered that my laptop would get very lonely so I turned around. 

Step Three: Wait For Them To Reply

This part can make you oscillate between feeling guilty, feeling extremely anxious or feeling like a terrible friend. It's okay, this too shall pass. Focus on what you're going to do at night all by yourself without having to deal with people.


Step Four: Do Balle Balle After They've Agreed

Aaj ki party meri taraf se... to myself. You can celebrate your freedom from socialising and take off your jeans, put on your sweatpants or wear no pants at all and enjoy a great night in.


Step Five: Hide In Your Cubby-hole

WOW! Now you can sleep, read, put on a face pack or just finish an entire jar of Nutella by yourself while you watch Jane The Virgin. Who knew such a good life could exist, amirite?!



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