15 Fashion Trends From 2019 That Are Making Their Way Into Our Everyday Wardrobe

15 Fashion Trends From 2019 That Are Making Their Way Into Our Everyday Wardrobe

Time Love Fashion can be a fickle thing. What’s in vogue today may not be there tomorrow, but it might just make a comeback 30 years from now. Fashion trends of 2019 boast of this behavioural pattern. In fact, a lot of them hail from the past while giving a very futuristic feeling. Just when we thought nothing could get better than low-waist jeans, BAM, high-waisted jeans from the 70s became a style staple in the 21st century. Likewise, everything else reappeared from the stores to our doors--knotted tops, flared silhouettes, bell bottoms, angular sunglasses. Heck, I am now wearing my Massi’s old midi skirts (the ones with attached matching belts) because they’re so in trend now!

Our favourite part about the current fashion trends in 2019 is that there is something for everyone. From millennial to vintage styles, from high-street labels to local street shopping, the flow of fashinspiration (yeah, I just coined that) is in the air, like love on Valentine’s Day.

If you like your money where you can see it, just like Carrie Bradshaw, here’s a look at the top fashion trends that are hanging in our closet this year and must in yours too.

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    Neon Colours Are Here


    Love it or hate it, but you can’t deny the fact that eye-popping neons have yet again found their way back into our wardrobes. Neon green being the most loved shade. From having tiny accessories to going all out from head-to-toe, the trend is seen to be growing on us all. Spring came and went, so did summer, now monsoon is here and there’s no way in hell to stop the age of neon.

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    Cycling Shorts Are Back!


    I remember wearing black cycling shorts under my skirts as a kid, especially under my school uniform. God, I hated them so much! *Skip to 2019* Oh, well!

    Cycling shorts or bike shorts, as they are called in international markets, are above-knee tights that are worn as outerwear now, and not just to gyms. They are a hit when teamed with a blazer redefining athleisure or with an oversized shirt cinched with a belt. It’s a wonderful way to balance out the overall look between too tight and too boxy all the while keeping things athletic and tailored. Forget sundresses, bike shorts are the new casual.

    Mini Bags Are A Big Hit


    Whoever says size doesn’t matter, it bloody does! If it didn’t, how would we ever decide which ‘it’ bag to carry this season? When 2018 saw the rise of the fanny pack, the utilitarian in us wondered what all would fit in the belt. Now, that has shrunk further into a mini bag the size of a business card. They can fit no more than your lipstick, maybe, your phone (if you’re lucky). An exact replica of a regular-sized handbag except only 10 times smaller, mini bags come with an attached chain sling or chic handheld strappies. If you prefer style over function, or simply want to give your tired shoulders a rest, this is the accessory for you. Give them the importance they deserve by choosing one in a popping colour.

    Living Coral & Others From The Orange Family


    The Pantone colour of the year for 2019 is Living Coral and Instagram is living proof of how much celebrities are loving it. From runways to roads, the orange palette has come to the limelight and its favourite compadre is pink. The orange and pink combination is a sight to behold and we suggest you get on with it this fall. You can pick a shade based on the material also, for instance, satin for night outs, linen for brunches, and so on.

    Seashell Jewellery Is Game


    Besides chunky pieces of gold, 2019 trends show seashell jewellery is being treasured by women. Stacked bangles and bracelets, layered necklaces, architectural hoops and coin-like pendants are super hot in the market, they seem to have taken a step back as the sea creatures take the wheel. Shells from cowries (that look like white coffee beans) are the most popular ones. They lend an instantly tropical look and come with a promise of making your life as fun as a beach vacay.

    Vinyl Accessories Are Vogue


    It took almost a year for the shiny vinyl trend to take over our wardrobes. It emerged as one of Fall’s biggest trends last year but got fully recognised only in 2019, with accessories such as shoes and handbags boasting of vinyl details. While 2018 saw the trend in solid colours, so far this year has been all about transparent vinyl.

    Dad Shoes Or No Shoes


    Big, chunky sneakers have been repeat-offenders on street stylers’ shopping bills this season and there’s no feeling guilty about this obsessive love. Because of their size and the colours used in these 90’s style shoes, they came to be known as dad sneakers (even ugly sneakers). Basically, the shoes that your dad used to wear in the 1990s have become everyone’s favourite in 2019 and are now the coolest trend of the season.

    Cool Summer Blazers


    Blazers don’t just belong in a formal setup anymore, ladies. From casual wear to athleisure, blazers have left no stone unturned to rebrand themselves. Not just with trousers and jeans, people are styling them with shorts, skirts (like in the early 90s) and lately, with bike shorts, too. Stylists are trading darker shades with pastels and prints for a chic everyday look. Lighter and cooler fabrics are giving form to summer blazers, but no matter the season, we have a feeling they are here to stay.

    Sequins On Everything


    What was earlier used for decorative purposes has now become a fashion statement. Sequins in all their catchy colours are hard-to-ignore on dresses, tops and sling bags owing to their holographic effect. These OTT shiny beads are a rage among maximalists and at fashion weeks. Ain’t no party like shimmering sequins!

    Military Print Is (Still) In


    This trend needs no introduction. Camouflage or military print has been all over on fashionistas pants and cropped jackets this season. And styling them is super easy too. Take your blue jeans and white shirt days to cool new heights in military-style.

    High On Animal Print


    We’re spotting a lot of spots in 2019. Street stylers have their animal instincts on high with wild colourful prints doing the roaring for them. Snakeskin and leopard prints are boldly roaming around the metro cities appearing on a variety of garments, footwear, handbags and even phone covers. Unleash your inner jungle cat with animal print accessories such as framed sunnies, belts, scarves and handbags if you're trying the trend for the first time. Or jump right into a printed dress/pants and go wild.

    Raincoats Are A Rage


    Raincoats made a surprising comeback with people ditching umbrellas for one. And not just any raincoat, bright and colourful raincoats are high in fashion. People are styling them like a shrug and creating new OOTDs with their raincoat as the hero piece. Interestingly, PVC coats are also making appearances doubling as splash-proof outerwear. To that, we say, “Let it rain over me!”

    Satin For Every Season


    The bedroom favourite came to the forefront with everything from dresses to heels and flats dropping hot in a smooth and glossy satin finish. It all started in 2017 when the material transported itself from babydolls to slip dresses. Two years later, the satin fever is only spreading with no intention to calm down. We like!

    Speaking from a material point of view, fabrics like tulle, linen, lace, organza and poplin also are all over mannequins. While runways boast of leather and faux fur (yes, I see the irony), street style is high on breathable fabrics that are best suited for a country like India.

    I Like Big Bands & I Cannot Lie


    Fabric headbands, especially the ones with a running ribbon and a knot at the top, are probably the only accessory that has outshone every other accessory trend this year. Women of all ages have been sporting the style this summer with all kinds of outfits. Get one right away to add dollops of chicness to your OOTD.

    Cargo Big Or Go Home


    Zippers and pockets are a big part of utilitarian fashion that’s been the talk of the town in 2k19. Hence, the good old cargo made a revival in soothing pastel colours and, in some cases, jogger-style gathered hemline. These baggy babies look absolutely hot when paired with fitted tops and bralettes. Try it!

    A few international trends like boiler suits, coloured tartan and patchwork (to name a few) haven’t made it big in India yet except among the cult fashion pack or on the shelves of Zara, but it is good to see the country trying new things and experimenting with style. What are you onto next from our list of fashion trends?

    Featured Image: Instagram

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