7 Fun Facts About Russell Peters That We Bet You Didn’t Know

7 Fun Facts About Russell Peters That We Bet You Didn’t Know

You know how life can be sometimes? So, when the going gets tough, know that the tough get going. And while on most days tough people find a way out, other days, they rely on a few people to make them laugh. I love watching comedy shows and one of my favourite comedians is the oh-so-famous Russell Peters. I was very excited when I got to know that he is coming to India. So, while I was checking to book my tickets, I stumbled upon some really cool facts about him that I couldn't help but share. Here are the ones that surprised me the most, which one got your attention?

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1. His family is his business

His older brother is his manager. Imagine not being able to throw a tantrum because your brother would give you a wedgie. He also does a lot of jokes at the expense of his dad who was born and brought up in Mumbai and worked as a Federal Meat Inspector in the old days. Interesting, isn’t it?


2. He was bullied... a lot

Russell was bullied in school and was often referred to as ‘paki’ which is a racial slur. To add insult to injury he was also diagnosed with ADHD, for which he was put in a different class than his friends. He eventually ended up learning boxing which saved him from further bullying. Yeah! Russell. You showed them!

3. He can make you dance

Russell knows his way around tunes. He was a famous DJ in the 90s in Toronto. YEP. He can make you groove and laugh. At the same time. What a perfect combination, though!

4. Bollywood ain’t his cup of tea

Weirdly though, he doesn’t like Bollywood movies or Bollywood music. We can’t imagine what his Bombay born and bred dad thinks, is he a little sad?


5. YouTube was his big break

The turning point in his career came when someone uploaded his entire show where he breaks down and talks about various cultural groups of people. People made cuts of that video and started circulating it. He got famous for something your Chachaji does at every party! Chachaji, where you at?

6. He has been the highest-paid comedian

In 2013, he was one of the highest-paid comedians in the world. He’s still up there on the comedy charts and even the fortune chart. This guy I tell you!

7. He isn’t JUST a comedian

Russell’s career spans in between TV and movies (and DJ-ing, of course!). You should really go look at his body of work. His trajectory is pretty impressive!


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