Women In Control: 6 Sex Positions To Try If You Want To Explore Your Dominant Side

Women In Control: 6 Sex Positions To Try If You Want To Explore Your Dominant Side

Switching it up in bed is always a good thing. If you've been in a long-term monogamous relationship you know what I mean when I'm saying- even sex gets boring after a point. How many times will you and your boo switch between missionary and doggy style? For that reason, experimenting with kink may be the solution to all your problems. Let him take the lead sometimes and reverse it by grabbing the reins other times so that you both can try out the dominant and submissive roles. 

If dominating your man is what gets you hot and heavy then we've got 6 sex positions that you must try.

Bring out the butt plugs, vibrators, blindfolds, and whips because this will be a kinky (and bouncy) ride. 


Control Him While Being A Cowgirl

Cowgirl has got to be the ultimate 'woman on top' position. Make him lie down on his back and straddle him from the front to get yourself off. This way you can control the speed and force of the thrusts and his orgasm is completely in your hands. You can even make him play with your nipples or clitoris for added pleasure. But to take the dominance up a notch, tie his hands on top of his head or to the bedpost so that he's totally at your mercy.

Sit Him Down And Have Fun

Make him sit down on a comfy chair or sofa and blindfold him. You can then let the magic begin. Talk to him about what you're going to do by saying things like "now I'm going to kiss your inner thighs" or "Are you ready for the blowjob of your life?" Press your nipples into his mouth and make him play with them. You can even take his hands and make him feel how wet you are. Finish it off with penetrative sex as you sit on him. If orgasm denial is something you want to try then masturbate in front of him and just make him listen to your aahs and oohhs while not letting him finish. Naughty, right? 


Make Him Beg For Mercy

Use him like he's your personal sex toy, just there for your pleasure. Don't do it too often though *wink*! Sit on his face (or more like hover over it) and let his tongue do the hard work. Hump his leg, use his fingers as a masturbation device or make him rim you while you play with your clit. Add to the teasing by brushing over his groin with your hand or mouth. Once you're done with your orgasm(s), let him finish himself off.

Reverse The Cowgirl Within You

Reverse cowgirl is another position where you have all the power in your hands. Straddle him as he lies down but face your back to him this time. Again, you can control how you want the thrusts to be and how much pressure and force you want. Take support from his legs to maintain your balance. If you're into anal pleasure you can ask him to play with that area while you're bouncing up and down on him. You can even have him eagle spread on the bed, all fours tied to corners of the bed and blindfolded. His pleasure is wholly yours.


Make Him Go Down On His Knees

Make him sit down on his knees and go down on you. Grab onto his hair and control the pace he's going at. You can even have him massage your feet and kiss your toes to really get the special treatment. Submissive men also sometimes like being called names in bed so experiment with words like 'pervert', 'little boy' and 'naughty man', you'll drive him wild with ecstasy. 

Doggy With A Twist

Who said doggy style is just when the girl is on her fours? Make him take that position and you get behind him. Slather on some lube on your hands and give him a handjob while nuzzling into his ears and dirty talking. Ask him who his mistress is and what all he would do for her. Keep him on edge by stopping just short of him cumming. You can even play with his anus because that will have him feel completely vulnerable. This is a great position if you want to try mixing pain and pleasure together as well. Spank his cute bum girl!

A good ground rule to maintain during these sessions is consent. Have some safewords, or you can even use the green, orange, and red signal which means "Oh! Yeahhh!", "You're pushing my limits" and "STOP" to avoid any confusion. Other than that, he's all yours, mistress.

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