Sex & Star Signs: We've Ranked Zodiac Signs According To Their Sexual Appetite!

Sex & Star Signs: We've Ranked Zodiac Signs According To Their Sexual Appetite!

Call it crazy, but sometimes I judge my men based on their sun sign. After they reveal their star sign, I quickly do a mental check whether my sign is compatible with theirs or not. I kid you not, but after reading a bunch of books on zodiac signs, I see a pattern. A pattern of common traits that make up a zodiac sign’s sexual appetite. Here’s my observation so far…

Ranked: The Most Sex-Crazed & Kinky Zodiac Signs!

Are we ready to go on one hell of an erotic adventure? Let’s do it!


Scorpio peeps LOVE sex. They can’t function without it and they don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship to indulge in it. The moment they strike a connection with someone, they end up inviting that person into their bedroom. They rush into things quickly and sex with them is always passionate. They like it rough, fast and smooth. In a nutshell, they’ll make you scream so loud that you’ll end up waking up the neighbours. *Oops*


Defined by fire, Aries are the sex Gods of the Zodiac signs. They don’t shy away from adventure. They will do you on the beach, on the balcony of your flat, at the back of your car and even on the damn plane! Quickies are their absolute favourite activity and they’re always ready for action. You’ll need to snack on plenty of energy bars if you want to keep up with them. *Wink*


Dirty talking was invented by the Geminis. They love playing with words and can turn you on just by using them mindfully. However, when it comes to doing the deed, they shy away. This can be viewed as a disappointment at first. However, when encouraged with love and baby talk, they morph into sexy beasts. They’re open to trying all things kinky - furry handcuffs, whips, role-play and naked twister.


Leos are pretty competitive in bed. They won’t spare you once you’re in their den aka bedroom. They want you to have the best sex ever! More than that, they want to please you. Go down on you, stick their tongue into you, taste you and make you say their name real soft and slow. You really are signing up for a wild night when you choose to share the bed with a Leo partner.


They live dual lives. During the day, they’re morning people and at night, they become pornstars! They’re kinky and they know it. With consent, they don’t mind filming a sex tape of the two of you at it and gifting it to you on your anniversary. They’re a bit weird in bed, but hella entertaining nevertheless!


Everything a Libra does is laced with class. They don’t rush through sex. It’s special to them. They take the romantic approach in the bedroom. Scented candles, rose petals, champagne, satin sheets, soft music in the background - they want to make you glow the morning after. Sex with this sign is special and memorable.


Very emotional, very raw, very passionate. Cancerians can get aggressive in bed when they let their emotions devour them. If you’re someone who likes it slow and gentle, you may not be sexually compatible with the crab. After sex, the Cancerian softens up and shows you their mush side in the form of cuddles, kisses and bear hugs.


With the Virgo, there are no rules in the bedroom. They act all innocent on the outside, but on the inside, they want to rip you into tiny parts and eat all of you! In fact, they’re so kinky that even if they're invited to a threesome, they don’t mind going for it.


Pisces are spiritual signs. They won’t sleep with any rando they meet. They take time getting to know that person. Every moment needs to be special and intimate for the Pisces. They like taking things slow and enjoy the journey rather than reaching the final destination. Post sex, most Pisces form bonds and attachments with their better halves. You are indeed special to them if they pour their heart out to you after sex.


Aquarius may not crave for sex as often as other zodiac signs, but that’s just because they have too many things going on their lives. Sex is just a part of their lives. They don’t need it to feel validated or loved. They’re happy when they get it and okay when they don’t. However, whenever they do end up making love, it’s twice as better than regular sex.


Taurians aren’t interested in experimenting in bed. As long as the deed is done, they’re okay with anything. You become the partner to add some spice into their sex life. This will help to create a balance and make your relationship with theirs a stronger one.


Vanilla sex for the win here! Capricorn peeps are attentive to their partner's needs in bed. They would choose to satisfy their lover first and then think about their own satisfaction. Sex for them isn’t viewed as an act of lust, it stands for trust, loyalty and love. Sex with a Capricorn always feels sweet. 

What do you think, guys? Am I right or am I right about ALL your naughty secrets?

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