7 Smart Ways To Shop Because ‘Mehengai Ka Zamana Hai”

7 Smart Ways To Shop Because ‘Mehengai Ka Zamana Hai”

There’s stuff you need and there’s stuff you don’t want and then there is stuff you just see, don’t need but still pick up, well because you are aadat se majboor. Shopping is both stressful and relieving. If you are someone who shops when they’re stressed (or even otherwise) then you know what it is to be broke halfway through the month. As your best friends, we don’t want you to land up in a situation like this ever again kyuki mehengai ka zamana hai, yaar! We want to help you so that you don’t feel like you have to skip that super fun plan with your friends just because you’re broke.

So, here are a few easy peasy ways to shop smart! You’re welcome.

1. Make a list

And don’t look for anything beyond that. When you make a list of things you tend to narrow down your choices hence making it easy to prioritise your needs. If you’re just strolling around in the mall and happen to shop, know that you have to refer to the list and if you don’t have a list which means that you don’t need anything! 

2. Watch out for great deals

Great shopping deals are there every day and at every time. You just have to look for them. On social media, through word of mouth or by simply visiting the place. Speaking of great deals, Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, New Delhi has some amazing shopping deals that you simply don’t want to miss. ‘Denim Days’ started on the 17th of August and goes on till the 31st of August and has some amazing deals for everyone. Shop for Rs.10,000 from brands like Lifestyle, Superdry, Calvin Klein jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Jack & Jones, Only, Levi’s & Celio and stand a chance to win a Shopping Experience worth Rs.70,000 at Lifestyle store. Not just that, you also get an assured gift voucher of Rs. 1000 on every purchase of Rs. 10,000 and above.BRB, filling my cart!

3. Don’t shop for everything in one day

Again, time plays a very important role here. When you have enough time to get the things you want, you make a wise pocket-friendly choice. But when you’re in a hurry which you will be when you have to shop for everything at once, you will feel the need to break the bank towards the end of it.

4. Choose a wise shopping partner

Your company really makes a lot of difference. In life and especially while you’re shopping. You want someone to tell you that you are going overboard and getting things you don’t need. That is the kind of support you really need in life!

5. Take proper time out to shop

You know what they say when you invest time in something, you tend to do it better. Same is the thing with shopping. When you take some time to explore more deals, you tend to make smarter and better decisions with shopping. You tend to look for cheaper alternatives when you have time on your hands. 

6. When in doubt, don’t shop!

You know one of those times when you’re not sure if you really really need something? Yeah! We all do. This is one of those times when you decide to not shop. Know that everything that you buy when you’re unsure ends up in the wardrobe. Save yourself some time and money and keep that back.

7. Set a budget when you go shopping

Just setting a budget is not enough, sticking to it is very very important. Better if you take cash instead of your cards so that you can limit the amount you can spend on shopping. Call it forced saving but well, whatever keeps you going!

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, New Delhi today and make the most of your shopping expedition. While you’re there, don’t forget to get a picture clicked in front of this super cool installation!

Happy Shopping!

*This post is in association with Pacific Mall