7 Interesting Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday That Don't Involve Partying All Night Long!

7 Interesting Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday That Don't Involve Partying All Night Long!

While I enjoy partying with friends every now and then, I've noticed a trend among millennials and gen Z-ers that puts too much pressure on having the 'perfect' birthday party. A lot of people end up spending large sums of their hard-earned money to host theme-bashes with the perfect venue, food, drinks and decor. If you enjoy that, that's great! But remember, you should never feel *pressured* to throw an expensive party just because it is "expected" of you, or because your friends do the same. Your birthday is YOUR day and you should spend it doing things that are meaningful to you. 

Meaningful Things You Can Do On Your Birthday

Running out of ideas? We've rounded up all the wonderful things you can do on your birthday instead of getting black-out drunk!

Take A Trip To A Place You Always Wanted To Visit


According to experts, spending money on experiences is more satisfying than blowing up cash on materialistic things. And what's a better gift to yourself than to spend on a ticket to a place you've always wanted to visit? Travelling relaxes you, opens up your mind and is the perfect opportunity to make tons of new memories, be it with yourself or the people you love. So if you've always wanted to take a Game Of Thrones-inspired tour of Croatia, your birthday would be an ideal time to do that!

Plan A Day-Long Adventure


You haven't really had fun until you've gathered your favourite crew and embarked upon a day-long adventure--we're talking museum visits, food tours, nature walks, visit to an animal shelter--anything that is fun for YOU! You could explore a completely new city or re-discover the one you already inhabit. Don't forget to carry plenty of snacks, water and a specially-curated birthday playlist for the drives!

Visit Your Grandparents


This may apply only to those who are close to their grandparents, but spending time with them on your birthday will make them feel over the moon. If you want to make the day extra fun, involve your entire family, grab a couple of pre-cooked casserole dishes, board games and old family albums for a collective nostalgia trip. That feeling of making your grandparents smile is truly something special, and a wonderful way to spend your birthday.

Spend The Day At A Beach


If you already live close to the beach, this option is easier (and cost-effective) for you. And if you don't, your birthday is the perfect excuse to splurge a little on travel tickets to the nearest beach town. What you decide to do there is up to you--I personally love putting on my favourite bathing suit, taking occasional dips, lounging in the sand, reading my favourite book and taking naps in between. If you prefer to build sandcastles while sipping on a chilled beer, you do you!

Go Camping


Whether you're an adventure junkie or someone who's willing to try something new--taking a trek up a majestic mountain, pitching a tent by the riverside and falling asleep under the twinkling stars is definitely an experience to be had! Go alone if you're looking for solitude and reflection, or grab a group of friends for some quality time together that may or may not involve card games and ghost stories.

Have A Bonfire


Whether you decide to hit the beach or go camping--having a bonfire will add an extra element of fun to your birthday celebrations. In fact, even if you decide to stay in, you can host a bonfire at night on your own terrace or backyard! Make sure there's lots of roasted meat on skewers, Bluetooth speakers for music (and dance-offs!), a variety of card games and lots of snacks and beverages!

Go To A Music Festival


According to experts, music has the power to heal and bring people together. No wonder music festivals are so popular! There are several fantastic music festivals that are held in India every year--including NH7 Weekender, Sunburn Festival and Ziro Music Festival to name a few. If the festival is taking place in another city, it'll be a great excuse for you and your squad to explore a new place together! Plus, let's admit--planning outfits for music festivals is the most exciting part!

So, how are you planning to spend your birthday this year?

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