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Holy Bag: These 12 Tote-ally *Unique Handbags* Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd--draft--draft

Holy Bag: These 12 Tote-ally *Unique Handbags* Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd--draft--draft

Bags - we can't live without hoarding them even when we have plenty of them in our closets. Considering that summer is here, you would want to marry your outfits with the perfect accompaniments, and if you are wondering which one to pick, how about going through our curated list of hot summer trends in the bag section?
But if you are done with following trends and would rather have something that is surprisingly distinct, something that makes you stand out like a celebrity, we hear you. After all, turning heads with your beloved accessory never goes out of style. And with that thought in mind, we bring to you the unique handbags that make a difference to your ensemble. 

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The Super-Small Bags

Miniature bags have been all the rage since quite a while now, and looking at their small yet striking appearance, can you really blame the fashion enthusiasts for not keeping calm? Ever since Jacquemus debuted its supremely small handbags on the runways, the trend has caught up and how. Need a mini bag that houses your lipstick and your phone? We got you. 


POPxo Recommends: Swing By Your Side Wine Sling Purse (Rs 758) by Lulu & Sky


POPxo Recommends: Beaded Mini Crossbody Bag With Clasp Details (Rs 2890) by Zara

The Quirk Factor Bags

Can't say no to quirky bags? Us neither! Be it a slogan-emblazoned pouch or a series of graphics that catch the eye, these fun bags are an instant conversation starter. Go over the top with a handbag in a vibrant colour or pick one with a bold slogan, it's a win-win. 3-Unique-Bags-That-Will-Toteally-Uplift-Your-Style

POPxo Recommends: SEE YOU IN HAWAII POUCH (Rs 549) by POPxo


POPxo Recommends: CHARAM SUKH POUCH(Rs 549) by POPxo

The Daily-Objects Bag

Trust us when we say that your search for the perfectly unique handbag ends here. Deriving inspiration from daily objects—fruits, bottles, geometrical shapes and more—bags have gotten the upgrade we never knew we needed. Not for the faint-hearted, these awesome accessories are sure to elevate your sartorial style. 


POPxo Recommends: Watermelon Shaped Woven Tote Bag (Rs 1167) by Shein


POPxo Recommends: Text Print 3D Glitter Pouch (Rs 895) by Koovs

The Book Bags

Is it a book or is it a bag? Be prepared to answer the question as you take one of these along as your favoured accessory. Not only are book bags fun, they also house your essentials (read phone, credit card, cash, etc.) safely. Rare as they are to find, you can fortunately shop for a book bag on Carpe Diem, a Mumbai-based small business that takes orders via Instagram. From pop art to Harry Potter-inspired book bags, there is something for everyone. 


POPxo Recommends: Carpe Diem Hand Painted Clutch (Rs 1500) 


POPxo Recommends: Carpe Diem Harry Potter Book Bag (Rs 1500) 

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The Fanny Packs

Believe it or not, the fanny packs are here to stay. Ask our favourite supermodels and Bollywood stars, everyone from Gigi Hadid to Alia Bhatt continue to don it and we only want it some more. If you are looking for bags to add to cart, we suggest you shop these hands-free accessories for a winning look. 


POPxo Recommends: TINY BUT DANGEROUS FANNY PACK (Rs 1299) by POPxo 


POPxo Recommends: Waist Bag (Rs 1299) by H&M

The Modish 'IT' Bags

Okay so you aren't that much into trends, but occasionally dip your toe into something that's new in the world of fashion. Sounds familiar? In case it does, we got the perfect accessory for you. Opt for a chic bucket bag or an iteration of one and we can bet you wouldn't be disappointed. 


POPxo Recommends: Olive Brown Solid Limited Edition Suede Handheld Bag (Rs 3294) by Myntra


POPxo Recommends: Catch You Later Yellow Bucket Bag (Rs 750) by Lulu & Sky

Ready to shop to your hearts' content, ladies? Same. 

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