Reasons You Should Go To This New Quirky Restaurant For A Culinary Delight!

Reasons You Should Go To This New Quirky Restaurant For A Culinary Delight!

Anyone who calls Dilli their home knows how to indulge in great food. No offence to other cities, but honestly as a big-time foodie, I know that Delhi, without a shadow of a doubt, is touted to be the ultimate food heaven. From the best street food to fine dining restaurants, the capital city has it all. While you can go wrong with street food experiences and it may not hurt your pocket, a wrong fine-dining experience might burn a big hole. So, we want to make sure you invest your hard-earned money right which is why we have reasons you should be at this new quirky restaurant. 

Plum by Bent Chair, after getting a great response from their outlets in Aerocity, New Delhi and Mumbai recently opened in the heart of New Delhi, Janpath. So, we want to make sure you have the best culinary experience and have listed the top 5 reasons you should definitely have this place on your list!

1. Food! Food! Food!

Food is not just to satisfy hunger. It is an emotion, a feeling and gives you a sense of comfort. Every foodie will agree with me on this. So, just like you, I love food and would possibly go to every extent for good (read: great) food. Plum by Bent Chair has a special menu curated by First Fiddle’s Corporate Head Chef, Sagar Bajaj. From Pan Asian flavours to Italian offerings, the menu at this place has something special for everyone.

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#POPxoRecommends: Try their Cream Cheese Sushi and the Truffle Dumplings the next time you’re there!

2. Drink...Drank...Drunk!

We all know the value of a great drink after a long tiring day. The cocktail menu at Plum is curated by mixologist Raj Negi and has some super interesting concoctions that not only taste amazing but also have an Instagram worthy presentation. While I was there, the bartender recommended the Yuze Sour, a whisky concoction and it was extremely flavoursome.

#POPxoRecommends: Try their Smoked Plum Negroni, Elderflower and Blueberry Spritzer the next time you’re there!

3. Shop till you drop!

Wouldn’t you love a place where you can eat, drink and shop? Well, me too! The best part about this place is that they encourage people to purchase everything that is on display. Interestingly, their flagship store, Bent Chair, is housed right next to this restaurant offering an inclusive look into a wide array of decor pieces apart from the ones on display. So, ladies, shop away! 

4. Art for the heart

You always love a place that looks artsy. Someone who has no interest in art will also stop and stare. Trust me, I am one of those. Fun fact: The highlight of this place is their bar which is created with handmade art stone which is cut carefully and is fit like a puzzle. This design covers the bar end to end and adds a charming effect to the place. I was particularly swooned by the Mona Lisa painting on the stairway blending art and technology together. How do you ask me? You have to be there to know!

5. Lights, camera, click!

What is a dining place without Instagram worthy picture spots? Nothing! Plum by Bent Chair is filled with corners where you would love to get clicked. From super quirky quotes on the wall to the super pretty pink walls, there is not even a single spot that won’t disappoint you. I promise!

*This article is in association with Plum by Bent Chair