Bengaluru, These Are The Best Food Subscription Services In Your City

Bengaluru, These Are The Best Food Subscription Services In Your City

When I was a child still living with my parents, the idea of having pizza for dinner every night was the ultimate fantasy. The worst part about being an adult is knowing that you *can* have pizza every night, but choosing to eat healthy alternatives instead--because now you know better. Okay, scratch that--the worst part is prepping and cooking said healthy meals! How many times have you caved and just ordered from McDonald's because you were too lazy to cook? Or because you were just bored of eating the same bland roti-subzi your maid cooks every day? What if we told you that there’s a way for you to eat healthy AND interesting food, without spending a single minute in the kitchen? Thankfully for us lazy, fussy eaters--where there’s a will, there’s also great food subscription services.

Best Food Subscription Boxes In Bengaluru

If you live in and around Bengaluru, ditch the grocery shopping and subscribe to these subscription boxes instead. Your tummy (and tastebuds!) will thank you!

Masala Box

This service is for those who have no time to cook but still crave ghar ka khaana. Each meal at Masala Box is prepared by home chefs using locally sourced, fresh produce made in a kitchen just like yours, and they serve authentic Indian regional recipes. All you need to do to subscribe is choose a meal plan that suits you, pick the start date the specific days you want food to be delivered, select your dietary preferences and scrumptious food will be delivered straight to your home/office! If you ever change your mind, you can log in to your account and edit your meal and day preferences.

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Price: Starts at Rs 100 per meal
Contact: +91 88936 27252


Chef Kraft

Chef Kraft

If you're looking for a gourmet food subscription service that caters to specific diets, look no further. In fact, their keto meal plans are extremely popular with those on the diet. You can tailor each meal in your subscription, and decide when, where and at what time you'll get it. They have an extensive menu that changes every week, and meals include items like Chicken Cranberry Salad with Feta and Honey Mustard, Keto Burmese Chicken/ Veg Curry with Herbed Cauliflower Rice or Fiery Chettinad-Style Prawn with Peas Pulao. You can start with the 5-day introductory meal plans and extend them once you make up your mind!

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Price: Starts at Rs 150 per meal
Contact: +91 9741473014

Oota Box

This is another food subscription service that connects home chefs to hungry office goers who crave simple, hygienic, healthy food. To get started, all you need to do is fill up a form detailing your taste, preferences, and frequency of meal required. You can subscribe to a non-repetitive menu with different cuisine types for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Once you submit your preferences and create a plan, food from the chef’s kitchen will be delivered to your house/office. For breakfast, you can expect to get omelettes, egg toast, sandwiches, or upma. Lunch and dinner box can include items like chapati sabzi, rice, masala rice, and curry. In fact, if you don't feel like having a heavy lunch or dinner, you can always edit your preferences and switch to a lighter meal!

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Price: Starts at


Grow Fit

Growfit is a fitness-focused healthy food subscription service that brings together doctors,  doctors, nutritionists, food technologists, counsellors and technologists to help people 'make fitness a habit'. How does it work? Pick a programme that suits you best after you've decided on your health goal--programs include weight loss, bulking up, PCOS, diabetes, fitness and keto-friendly. Once you've decided, choose the right plan for you or let our experts help you pick one and finally, select the kind of food and recipes you'd like yo receive, and you're all set!

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Price: Varies according to your plan
Contact: +91 8039658868

Fit Dish Fetish

This is another great option for those looking for healthy food without compromising on taste and variety. You can pick from a variety of salads, wraps, starters, and main course options. So you can start your day with oat pancakes and end it with Teriyaki chicken and Zucchini Pizza. Their subscription plans that last between three months and a year, so pick one that suits your budget and fitness goals!

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Price: Prices start at Rs 250 per meal
Contact: +91 8892079097


Purple Basil

Purple Basil

Purple Basil is a food subscription service for those who love fast food, but want to switch to healthier alternatives. Think Asian Noodle Salads, Black Bean Burgers, and brownies made with beans! Doesn't that make your mouth water? Plus their menus change daily so you'll never get bored. Just sign-up online and pick your favourite plan!

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Price: Diet plans start from Rs 2,070
Contact: +91 7899806600

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