Awkward Dates Be Gone, This Is How I Am Going To Find My Kind!

Awkward Dates Be Gone, This Is How I Am Going To Find My Kind!

Are you at that point in your life where you just dread going out when your friends want to “catch up” because you don’t know if you are just meeting to chill or this is a meeting where you will suddenly be joined by a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend who was “passing by”? Say ‘Aye’ if you’ve ever been set up with someone that your best friend thought was perfect for you but then turns out wasn’t so perfect.

Nobody wants to be looked at like a ticking time bomb. Especially when you’re fighting the patriarchy, breaking the glass ceiling at work and finally have that paycheque to buy your own jewellery—girl, you’re a BAWSE, not a bomb! Time is passing you by and suddenly you’ve come to a point where everyone is looking at your single self with pity. Aunties, uncles, BFFs—they all suddenly have just one agenda—to set you up. Do you ever want to just say, LEAVE ME ALONE I WILL FIGURE IT OUT?

Recently I came across this super fun campaign by OkCupid that immediately struck a chord with me. It was so relatable and fresh and the perspective was just my thought process put out there for the world to see. You really need to watch this video if all of the above applies to you too.


How relatable is this? You see in this video that the girl and guy are being set up with seemingly great human beings but I think what caught me was this idea of being able to find MY kind and knowing that I don’t have to make a speedy decision to compromise for somebody else’s idea of MY partner. Understanding that there is nothing wrong with anyone, but I don’t want anyone else to choose for me.

I think what immediately grabbed my attention was the echo of my own thoughts—that I get to decide what I want and don’t want in a partner. Be it something as simple as not liking tomatoes (which I do hate too), to world views and an understanding of society. OkCupid asks the important questions for you. So when you do meet up with someone, you have already checked off the boxes and non-negotiables you have and get to connect on things you actually care about. OkCupid is trying to make getting to know someone easier without any of the looming pressure.  

At the end of the day, there isn’t anything wrong with refusing everybody else’s checklist to find the person who will binge watch Bachelor in Paradise with you over the weekend and feel just as passionately about pineapple on pizza being a crime. OkCupid is just making it easier for us to #FindMyKind ‘cause you choose who and you decide when!

*This is a sponsored post for OkCupid