8 Tiny Ways Of Telling Him That You Love Him Without Saying The Three Magical Words

8 Tiny Ways Of Telling Him That You Love Him Without Saying The Three Magical Words

Have you ever heard of the language of love? If not, let me tell you about it. The Five Love Languages was written by Dr. Gary Chapman in 1995 and has gained popularity recently. This is the way we feel love and feel appreciated depending on our personality type. Understanding and decoding these could make us comprehend our partners better. These are- words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Each person shows love in one or many of these ways and to receive this and appreciate it, we must first and foremost understand it. 

So if you are a person who doesn't show love by actually saying the words again and again, here are 8 things you can do so that your man knows how you feel.


'Those three words are said too much, they're not enough' and if that's true for you too then these tiny ways of showing your love will get your point across. 

Stir Up His Fave Meal

Everyone loves a great meal and having a cook-in day for just the two of you is a very special way of showing him you care. Set the table, light up some candles, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a decadent meal together. 

Be Interested In How He's Doing

We don't mean ask him 'how are you' just because it's the done thing. Really ask him how his day has been, how is his project coming along, ask him how his new boss is treating him. We tend to take these tiny things for granted and in some ways neglect our partners in the process. 

Pen Down Your Thoughts For Him

Sometimes we aren't good with expressing how we truly feel, but letting the other person know that we care is important. Write little notes for him and leave it in his bag to find later. Write e-mails or letters to him when you feel like showering him with affection. Trust us, these never go out of style. 


Take Care Of Him

Self-care is not just for women. Men are often made to feel like they have to 'toughen up' or be 'rugged' to be liked and that just isn't true. Take some time to give your man a taste of the spa treatment at home- draw him a bath, give him a massage or do a mud mask together. Make him slow down his body and feel truly relaxed when he's with you.

Surprise Him With Something He Really Likes

Don't you feel happy when your partner sends over flowers or surprises you with your favourite cupcakes? You should find a chance to reciprocate the gesture. Have a meal sent over to his house when you're not with him to show him he's on your mind or pick up the shirt you saw him admiring at the store. These 'just because' gifts will show him that you pay attention to things he likes and it'll bring a smile to his face.



Make Efforts With The People Closest To Him

Everyone has people they're most fond of- be it his parents, his siblings or his friends. Go out of your way to make efforts with the people he cares for and he'll know how much he means to you. Make a plan to invite his friends over for beer and wine get-togethers. Or ask him to call his family to join you for dinner sometimes. It'll create a homely and loving atmosphere.

Make Spontaneous Plans

Tell him to pack his bag and go on an impromptu road trip or plan a hike for the weekend you're both free. You can even book a staycation for the two of you when you know he's very stressed at work and could do with a relaxing getaway. It'll be just you and him and you can really enjoy each other's company. 

Dress Sexy For Him

Yes, he loves you in your PJs but he also likes it when you make some effort. Dress up for date nights and put on some makeup. You can even wear sexy lingerie inside so that he has a fun time removing everything after you're back home.  


It's all these tiny moments and these are what define a happy, healthy relationship.

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