Do Not Disturb! 6 Steamy Hotel Sex Positions That Are Worth Checking In For

Do Not Disturb! 6 Steamy Hotel Sex Positions That Are Worth Checking In For

There's something erotic about having sex in a hotel room. It's all about the fresh sheets, the king-sized bed, and having the luxury of ordering some post-sex room service. And well, the fact that the two of you are confined within the four walls helps get your wild side out to play. 

So, it's time to let your wild side out cause we've got 6 sex positions that are perfect for hotel rooms!


Aaaah That View

Want to play out your exhibitionism fantasies but don't want it to get too real? It's quite simple. All you need to do is - open the curtains, switch off all the room lights, get on to your man and ride him. You'll be able to see everyone outside but no one will be able to see what you're up to. You'll still feel the thrill of putting on a show for everyone.

Double Trouble

This is the time to get your good friend, the vibrator, out. While you may not be able to use it at its full speed at home, in hotel rooms you can push your limit. Get your partner behind you à la doggy style, while giving your clitoris attention with the vibrator. You can be as loud as you want!

Standing Bed Post Lovin'


Stand on the pillows while facing the wall. Grab on to a bedpost and prop a foot on the headboard and then hold on tight for a sexy ride. Usually, you need to be connected to your partner but feel free to lean against the wall of your room.

Use Every Furniture Piece

If your room comes with extra furniture, utilise it. Get him to sit on the couch or the armchair, while you straddle him. You can even try the reverse cowgirl position on the couch. If there is a writing desk, bring that office fantasy to life. When you're back home, it's all about the bed, so why not change it up a bit!


Why restrict yourself to the bedroom when you have a luxurious bathroom to your disposal. If you have a bathtub then request the hotel room to give you bath salts and have a steamy time in the bubbles. If you want to enjoy the shower, then it's time to have some standing doggy style sex. Best part? You don't need a lubricant!

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Role Play Fanta-yay


You can both choose to be completely different people on a holiday. When you're travelling, play out your darkest fantasies with your bae. You could be two strangers having a clandestine meeting at a bar or if you're in the mood to play out a BDSM fantasy then experiment with spanking and power play.

At the end of the trip if you get a noise complaint, wear it like a badge of honour. *Wink*

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We Can Get Off On Ourselves

Hotel rooms usually come with massive mirrors. Let him hold you up as you wrap your legs around him. He can pump into you as you both get a chance to look at your reflection in the mirror. It's as steamy as it gets! 

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