24 Thoughts I Had When I Rewatched Dil Chahta Hai In 2019

24 Thoughts I Had When I Rewatched Dil Chahta Hai In 2019

I remember watching the trailer of Farhan Akhtar’s film Dil Chahta Hai for the first time back in 2001 and thinking--this is what they call ‘new age cinema’! A cool-looking Aamir Khan, a suave Saif Ali Khan and a pensive Akshaye Khanna can be seen looking far into the ocean, contemplating life and its intricacies, and then at each other, before they suddenly burst out laughing. That’s basically all of us with our crew, right? Having seen and loved the movie and everything it stands for, that one scene basically captures the essence of the entire film. 

As a 23-year-old, I rewatched this cinematic masterpiece and realised that it’s so much more than just a film for us 90s kids. We grew up with the typical boy-meets-girl narrative in SRK movies or of Salman Khan being the ideal son in movies like  Barjatya. But when I watched Dil Chahta Hai, I remember liking it for being so fresh. Because my mind was cluttered with the idea of a hero and heroine, songs with never-ending dance sequences and a linear way of storytelling, this movie became the antithesis. 

Here's all the thoughts I had when I rewatched it 18 years later

1. Friendships are hard just like all other relationships, but they’re all we have.

2. We’re pretty sure Akash’s tuition teacher, Mrs. Kashyap would be offended that she’s the centre of a young adult’s teacher-student fantasy. 

3. Deepa’s fashion sense is actually super cool--from a sequined knee-length dress to flowy cotton pants, she’s completely on-trend!

4. Priya and Sameer are twinning in silver pants in Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe- #couplegoals

5. Akash needs to calm down with following Shalini in the club. Pretty evident that the girl is not interested. 

6. Akash is a pretty shitty friend- okay hear me out. He constantly tells Sameer to ‘be a man’. What does that even mean? And he convinces him to break up with her because he thinks she’s being bossy. WHAAA?!

7. The meet-cute between Tara Jaiswal and Sid is one of the most adorable ones. 

8. How do all these people have such opulent houses in Mumbai? What exactly do they all do?!

9. Sid’s paintings represent every sensitive introvert ever--there’s a world hidden behind their exterior. 

10. Bombay-Goa road trip in a convertible is on my bucket list. Also, Dil Chahta Hai soundtrack is going to be the first song on the playlist.

11. Young adults trying to navigate their way through adulthood, work, love and passions- that’s highly relatable.

12. Pretty sure Farhan Akhtar should get a commission out of the money Goa makes from tourism.

13. ‘Dad, there’s more to life than signing cheques’- this should be a slogan t-shirt for millenials. 

14. I think this whole Kristine tying up Sameer fiasco is the reason my mum is always telling me ‘be careful of these hippie types.’

15. Ambushing the child with a rishta meeting. Hey! How did my parents get on the screen?

16. Wow! Akash doesn’t approve of Sid’s love for Tara because of their age difference. Surprise surprise he’s a terrible friend. What did I tell you?

17. Rohit needs therapy. There I said it. So much insecurity, so much jealousy and rage issues probably stem from somewhere. Maybe tackle those?

18. Jaane Kyun is probably the best post-breakup anthem that’ll make you relate to Akash so hard. 

19. Pooja and Sameer are my faves, especially with their 50s hairdos.

20. The movie is a technical marvel- can’t believe it’s a debutante’s work. The music is soul-touching, the DOP has done a fab job and of course, the dialogues are beyond genius. 

21. Sonu Nigam’s Tanhayee has managed to break my heart all over again. A brooding Aamir Khan in the frame, the lonely locales of Australia along with music all come together to highlight just how isolated Akash really is.

22. Okay, if Rohit’s parents almost adopted Shalini and brought her up. Doesn’t that mean Rohit is like her brother? Dil Chahta Hai glorified incest before Game of Thrones

23. So Rohit is being emotionally cheated on the whole time, gets left on his sangeet and is embarrassed in front of all his friends and family. Sucks to be him.

24. OMG! Is that Deepa in the end? Deepa and Sid?! Love that couple.

Everything said and done, I absolutely loved rewatching the film. Now, a Goa road trip with my buddies and travelling to Australia is on my bucket list! 

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