What Does Your Masturbation Style Say About You?

What Does Your Masturbation Style Say About You?

We ALL do it, it’s just that most of us get red in the face when we talk about it in public. In case you’re wondering, I’m hinting at masturbation. Ladies, repeat after me, masturbation is normal. In fact, pleasuring yourself can be a huge stress buster and a confidence booster. It always sets you in a happy mood and makes your skin glow all day. The best part is that your happiness is not anyone’s hands, but in yours, in this case.    

What Does Your Masturbation Style Say About You?

Just how all five fingers aren’t the same, the way one masturbates is different from woman to woman. So pretty lady, what does your masturbation style say about you? Let’s find out!

The Not-So-Shy One

You like to keep the door slightly open when you're touching yourself. You love the thrill and idea of getting caught or seen. It turns you on and helps you reach the Big O faster.

The One-Between-The-Sheets

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When the doors and windows are shut, you turn on the music on full blast or turn up the speed of the fan so no one is able to hear you moaning. It's between the sheets where you indulge in sweet self-love.

The One Who Knows Her Desires

You know your pleasure spots at the back of your hand. The G-Spot, A-Spot and U-Spot - you're a pro at knowing your body. You're so good that you can get yourself off in just a couple of minutes. Keep it up, champion.

The One Who Loves The Weekend

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You're probably slaying it at work during those 5 days, but on the weekend, it's ALL about you! You look forward to cutting off from the digital world and indulging in pure pleasure. Your favourite weekend plan is rolling in bed and experiencing multiple orgasms. That's probably why your skin looks so nice on Monday *Wink*

The One Who Sets The Mood

Scented candles, juicy strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce, matching lingerie, a glass of wine and of course, slow romantic music and hot porn clips - you're heading towards a night of pure pleasure. If you're going to masturbate, you rather spoil yourself while doing it. Doing yourself in a random washroom simply won't make the cut.

The One Who Has Sex Buddies

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Oh no, I wasn't referring to a person here, I was talking about you and your happy toys. The ones you take super good care of and play with every night. Sometimes, you think that your vibrator does a better job than your ex-boyfriend #SorryNotSorry

The One Who Does It Everywhere & Anywhere

In the office washroom, at a musical festival, when you’re at a friends place, you’re always in the mood to get naughty. You are comfortable doing it at any time, any place - whenever the mood strikes. You aren’t addicted to it, but the thrill of you having the power to please yourself ANYWHERE makes you feel powerful and oh-so-wet.

The One Who’s Lost in Fantasy Land

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So what if you have a boyfriend? You still have a crush on Ranveer Singh. Although he’s off-limits now all thanks to Deepika, you can still mentally ogle at him *Wink* If not Ranveer, add your favourite celeb+dildo and you’ve just bought your golden ticket to orgasm land. 

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