We Tried This Mini Travel Facial Cleansing Tool And This Is Our No-Filter Verdict!

We Tried This Mini Travel Facial Cleansing Tool And This Is Our No-Filter Verdict!

Growing up, I saw my mother with flawless skin and while I was proud of my genes, she constantly told me that I should be extra cautious since we both have sensitive skin. So, needless to say, it was easy but I used to blindly follow mum’s routine for the extra glow. Flawless skin does not only come with following a proper skincare routine but there are a lot of add-ons that come in handy. From sleeping on time to drinking enough water all day, some of these super easy yet important things contribute to boasting flawless skin. But you know what they say? Good things don’t come so easy. I don’t use makeup very often so needed something that would give my daily routine an effortless boost. Read on to know what exactly I did, to wake up to naturally good skin.

My skincare routine...

As I said, I don’t use makeup very often. I wake up and wash my face with herbal soap that I have been using for over 10 years now. I tried experimenting with a face wash but I guess sometimes age-old habits are the best. Right after that I use an SPF 30 sunscreen moisturizer and make sure I never step out without it. 

I also use a mild scrub once a week which helps me get rid of the whiteheads and leaves my skin feeling supple and gentle. I sometimes also resort to a lot of ghar ke nuskhe like using gram powder with milk and honey as an anti-tan remedy. All this and some daily moisturizing gives my skin exactly what I need. If you’re wondering what that is like? Here’s what I usually look with no make-up and just a lip tint. 

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The Luna Mini 2…

So, I am a big believer in happy mood = happy skin but sometimes you have to do a little extra effort to get that envious looking skin. So, I got my hands on the fuschia Luna Mini 2 which is perfect for every girl who is always on the go. It comes in different colours ranging from a blue to bright yellow, depending on your skin types but I choose this. 

A few things that made me curious were - it’s tiny and compact yet so powerful. It is something that is perfect for every girl who loves to travel and follow her skincare routine while she is at it. It is so easy because you just have to charge it once and it lasts for up to 300 uses which is great for me because as much as I love a good skincare routine, I sometimes get a little lazy and complacent with charging cleansing devices often.

The Luna Mini 2 is not only easy to clean but is also waterproof so you can clean it without worrying about damaging the bristles. Speaking of the bristles, the cleansing brush first-ever 100% silicone facial cleansing brush with ‘T-Sonic’ pulsations – for ultra-gentle effective cleansing. As soon as I used it I felt a difference in the skin texture almost immediately. It felt soft to touch. In a nutshell, this just the most convenient form of face cleaning that I have come across in a long long time. So, if you’re a lazy girl like me, book one for yourself right away. 


This device is perfect for every girl who loves an easy routine that requires minimal effort. It definitely cleans your face better than your hands and which is why I recommend this to every girl who loves glowing skin. Just pour a few drops of your face wash or cleansing milk on the device and gently massage it all over the face for 60 seconds. Wash your face and voila, you’re good to go!

I have been using this product for over a month now and my skin definitely feels very different. The best part about this product is that it blinks and has a small pause every 15 seconds to indicate that you can move to the next zone and after a minute of usage, the light remains on! You can also use it as a  part of your nighttime skincare routine to cleanse your skin thoroughly and rid it of all the dust and makeup that accumulates all day. 

For Rs 16,000, I think this product is a must-have for every girl. If you like it as much as I do, go ahead and buy yours right now!

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