Are You A Freelancer? Check Out These 7 Tips To Create A Perfect Workspace At Home!

Are You A Freelancer? Check Out These 7 Tips To Create A Perfect Workspace At Home!

If you’re a freelancer or even a full-time employee with a firm that encourages work-from-home, you probably have a corner in your house that you call your workspace. For most of us, it’s just that...a corner. For others, it’s the good old bean bag, the comfy couch or their bed. 

While it’s okay for on and off work commitments, working out of your bed can really affect your productivity! So, if you’re often working from the comfort of your home, it’s time you gave your workspace a makeover. I have some amazing tips and tricks that will help you maximise your space, productivity and creativity.

1. Create A Space That Works Best For ‘You’

It’s important to create a space that represents you and makes you feel the most productive. For all those bibliophiles who find their comfort in libraries, create a rustic ambience. Stack up old books (for that lovely scent) and opt for dim lighting. If you like bright, vibrant spaces like that of a Starbucks cafe, you could put up colourful posters, light coffee-scented candles and play some music. For nature lovers, indoor plants work best. 

2. Don’t Forget To Invest In The Right Chair & Desk

Being a writer, I was always advised, ”Find the right desk and the writing will come on its own.” Since my work requires me to sit and use my laptop for hours, a rotating chair became my best friend. I opted for a chair with a comfortable back and a high desk so I’m not constantly bending my neck. Based on what your work demands, get a chair and desk that’s comfortable and lets you maintain good body posture. 

3. Deck Up Your Desk With Colourful Stationery


It’s always nice to add some colour to your space. Even if you’re crunching numbers or just taking calls, why let your space look dull and boring? Buy an artsy notebook like the No Stopping Me Notebook from POPxo Shop for brainstorming ideas or taking down notes. Add to it a funky pen holder, sticky notes and paper clips. Good looking stationary can add a lot of character to your workspace and is essential too!

4. Add Different Seating Options!

Just because it’s a workspace by definition, doesn’t mean it needs to look serious. Working from home has its own perks and choosing your comfort is certainly one of them. Sitting on the same chair day after day can get a bit monotonous. Add in a bean bag, a recliner or a comfy couch so you can keep changing places. You can also buy the Chill Pills Cushion Cover from POPxo Shop to add some vibrancy and remind you to take it easy!

5. Add Plants To Your Surroundings

A plant not only boosts your concentration but also de-stresses an overwhelmed mind. Plus, it looks super pretty and is a source of fresh, clean air! Buy a snake plant for the corner and a lily for your desk. If possible, place your desk next to a window so you have ample natural light in the room. This helps you concentrate better and is also proven to fasten your thought process!

6. Surround Yourself With Inspiration


There are days when you feel like giving up. That’s why it’s important to have items in your workspace that inspire you. It can be your certificates, trophies, medals or something as basic as a poster that inspires you to hustle hard! 

7. Practice Hygiene & Organisational Skills

Nobody likes coming back to a messy desk. Learn to take out at least 15 minutes every day to clean your workspace before you leave for the day. It’s great to come back to a clean, fuss-free space where you can kickstart your work on a positive note. 

Lastly, if you ever feel the need to get out and work, co-working spaces are a great option. CoWrks has office spaces available in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai and trust us, they have the cutest work stations! So, should we begin work now? 

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