Vastu Tips For Your Home To Bring In More Positivity & Prosperity

Vastu Tips For Your Home To Bring In More Positivity & Prosperity

Vastu Shastra literally translates to the science of architecture. It is one of the oldest teachings of ancient Indian civilization. While it started as a system architecture that specified the principles of design, layout and space arrangement for temples, it was soon adapted for residential homes, workplaces, vehicles, furniture and so on.

The concepts of Vastu are not based on myths or hearsay but are scientifically proven facts that help bring peace, prosperity and opportunities to the inhabitants of the house. Working with five elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Space and Air and 16 directions - North, South, East, West and all the ones in between, it makes sure that the right element is in the direction. One that is beneficial for it to ensure there is no negativity or illness in the house. So here are some Vastu tips for home to make sure that it is the best one for you!

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    Why Is Vastu Important?

    Vastu Shastra isn’t important or absolutely necessary for living but it does give you a healthier, more abundant life. You need to remember that it is not a superstition or a pseudoscience that propagates myths. It is proven science that promotes the natural forces to work in our favour and make our gains bigger while minimising losses. Let’s take a small example: Vastu prefers houses that face North because the effects of harmful UV rays are then reduced greatly. Similarly, it also prefers houses that face the East because the rays of the rising sun bring life and happiness to all the family members.

    Here are some benefits of having a house that has good Vastu:

    1. Attracts more abundance and wealth
    2. Creates financial security
    3. Improves relationships between the inhabitants of the house
    4. Brings peace and harmony to the family
    5. Brings better opportunities

    Vastu Tips For Home

    These Vastu tips for home include general tips, tips for the living room, the worship area and the entrance. Read on to find out what these tips are.


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    Vastu Tips For Home Entrances

    Your entrance isn’t just a way to come into or leave the house. In fact, an auspicious entry to the home brings success, good luck and prosperity to the inhabitants. Read below a few Vastu tips for home entrance:

    1. The main door of your house should be constructed so that when you step out, you face the North, East or North-East direction.

    2. Pay attention to the quality of wood as your main door should be constructed with high-quality material. It must also tower above all other doors in your house.

    3. Decorate the main door with your nameplate and beautiful torans. Add a lot of light to the main door as well. These things are considered highly auspicious.

    4. Do not paint the main door black. Also, ensure that it opens in a clockwise manner.

    5. Do not place a shoe rack or a dustbin right outside the main door. 

    6. If there is space available outside your house or if there is an empty wall, place an idol or a picture of Lord Ganesha there. This will ward off evil and bring prosperity to your home as Lord Ganesha is called the vigna harta.

    7. There should be no water-related decorative item like a fountain, or animal statues and figurines near or outside the main door.

    Vastu Tips For Living Room

    Your living area is the place you spend most of your time socially. A lot of the activity is centred around this room and it is the one that creates the first impression in the minds of the guests.

    1. The living room of your house should face East, North or North-East. A North-West facing living room can be preferable too.

    2. Heavy furniture must be in the West or South-West direction of the living room. Electronic appliances must be in the South-East section of this room.

    3. A beautiful crystal chandelier will be able to attract positive energy and abundance. Add a wind chime with metal balls on the windows of the living room as it is believed that their soothing sounds will destroy negative energy.

    4. Hang pictures of a flowing river or fishes on the wall of your living room to bring luck to the family. If possible, get an aquarium and place it in the North-East corner of the room.

    5. Planning on hanging a mirror in the room? The North wall will be perfect for that!


    Vastu Tips For Worship Area

    Every house must have a worship area, prayer room or meditation corner. Most Vastu practitioners believe that it is important to connect to a higher power to help you grow spiritually and introspect.

    1. The pooja/meditation room should be in the East or North-East part of your home. Also, you must face East when you’re meditating or praying to increase positive energy.

    2. Once you create a sacred altar, decorate it with candles and incense sticks every day. This will help remove negative energy from the house. Do it every day in the morning and the evening.

    3. Light and pleasant colours like white, beige and yellow are perfect for this room. Also, make sure that your prayer/meditation room does not share a toilet wall.

    Vastu Tips For Bedroom

    Your bedroom is, simply put, your space. It is important to design it the way you love but you must never forget to make sure it is Vastu compliant to ensure harmony and love. Check out a few Vastu tips for bedroom to bring in prosperity and luck.

    1. Bedrooms in South-West direction bring good health while bedrooms in North-East and South-East may cause health and relationship issues. 

    2. Paint the walls of your bedroom in neutral and earthy shades. This will have a positive effect on the mind and body.

    3. If you have a mirror in the bedroom, make sure it does not reflect the bed to avoid quarrels and disagreements between the couple.

    4. Couples should try and sleep on a single mattress with the wife on the left side of the bed. 

    5. Pictures of temples and water should be avoided in the bedroom. 

    6. The bed should be placed in the South-West corner of the room. Avoid sleeping under overhead beams.

    7. Use mood lighting and aromatic oils to create a sense of calm in the bedroom.

    8. There should be no toilet above a bedroom to avoid prolonged illness in the family.


    Vastu Tips For Kitchen

    As per Vastu, the health and prosperity of the occupants of the house depend highly on the kitchen arrangement. You’ll be more prosperous, healthy and efficient if your kitchen is well-placed since it is the hub of the home. Here are some Vastu tips for kitchen.

    1. Kitchen in the North-East brings sickness, in the South-West brings health issues to the female members of the family and in the South-East brings unhappiness. If the kitchen is in the centre of the house, the problems are endless.

    2. A stove or oven should never be placed next to the sink. The water-energy neutralises the beneficial fire energy. Also, if a burner does not work properly, it can make people of the house feel financially stuck. So ensure that the burner or stove is cleaned regularly and is working obstruction free.

    3. There should be no bedroom or toilet above the kitchen.

    4. The plumbing of the kitchen should always be working properly. Dripping taps or leaking pipes can symbolize wealth being drained from the family.

    5. A toilet door right opposite the kitchen is considered unfavourable. 

    6. Select brighter colours for your kitchen. Dull or unnatural colours may make the family unhappy or less active.


    Vastu Tips To Boost Positive Energy

    Your house majorly affects your energy as that is the place you spend your maximum time in. If a house is Vastu compliant, it’ll have a lot of positive energy - ultimately attracting good health, harmony, peace, abundance and tons of wealth. Here are some Vastu tips to ensure your house is filled with positive energy.

    1. For career growth and more opportunities, a picture or idol of Lord Kubera in the North direction of the house works wonders.

    2. A house without plants will always feel dry and lifeless. A Tulsi plant in the North or North-East can transform negative energy into positive. Make sure there are no cactus or dry plants in your house. Cactus are considered especially negative since they can seriously harm your health and relationships. 

    3. Purify your house by using Himalayan rock salt to mop the floor once a week. It creates fresh energy in the house and removes old, stale energy. Cobwebs also need to cleared away as they symbolise being financially and physically stuck.

    4. Placing a mirror facing the dining table will double the abundance and wealth for the family.

    5. Avoid having a spiral staircase in the house. It will act like a corkscrew to create negativity and arguments.

    6. Get rid of any clocks or watches that do not work. They generate negative and stagnant energy.





    7. The North-East corner is the most auspicious corner of your house so avoid any dustbins there.

    8. A statue of Goddess Saraswati on the study table will make your subconscious mind more receptive to learning. Also, place a bowl of Vastu salt near your study table to create positive vibes.

    9. Do not use material from an old building in a new one. Old patterns and old negative incidents will be repeated.

    10. Extension of the house in North-East direction is a major Vastu defect that needs immediate correction.

    11. Keep the corners of the house bright since they are potent sources of energy.

    12. Mahalakshmi rudraksha, Dakshinavarti shankh, a cash pyramid and a citrine rock in the cash box immediately attract wealth.

    13. Close toilet lids when not in use to protect the house from pollutant energy.

    14. Avoid a house with a big tree whose shadow falls on the entryway. 

    All these tips are time-tested and proven. However, it is always better to consult a specialist to ensure that these Vastu tips give you the maximum benefit. 

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