Kiss Kiss: This Video Celebrated Lipstick Day In The Most Unique Way Possible!

Kiss Kiss: This Video Celebrated Lipstick Day In The Most Unique Way Possible!

National lipstick day is celebrated on the 29th of July. It encourages women to put their best face forward. Lipstick day brings all the beauty buffs together to flaunt their favourite lippie or to buy a new one. This ‘day’ that started a decade ago has garnered a worldwide following with a lot of beauty enthusiasts, gurus and brands altogether have given us an incentive to get just one more lipstick. 

This day has always been about the wearer of lipstick, the woman. But this video really showed me a side of beauty that I hadn’t seen before. While the internet was rife with lip colours, pouts, selfies and discounts, Shoppers Stop decided to break stereotypes and decided to celebrate the beauty and the spirit of a woman. This video is based on the colloquial phrase “pappa ko kissy do” which is the way a daughter first learns to show her affection. 

In this video, you see how the father and daughter spend time together and the daughter plying him with kisses whenever he does something for her. The daughter also mimics the way her mom behaves, playing dress-up with her makeup. She even gets her dad to put on some lipstick so they could leave a mark on her mom’s birthday card. Now, this is where this video struck a chord in my heart. We’ve all seen masculinity and the stigma around gender-specific roles all around us. But then Shoppers Stop comes around and gets a dad to wear lipstick because his daughter wanted him to, in return for a kiss. Just like that, decades worth of stereotypes and myths around beauty shattered seamlessly, with just one kiss!


With this, I think what Shoppers Stop is trying to tell us is that beauty is not just something you celebrate on that one day, but it is an indulgence that celebrates you, every day. 

Happy National Lipstick Day, Folks! 

*This is a sponsored post for Shoppers Stop