This Revolutionary Treatment Literally Freezes Your Fat Cells to Give You A Toned Body!

This Revolutionary Treatment Literally Freezes Your Fat Cells to Give You A Toned Body!

There are times when even a strict diet regime and workout routine doesn’t help you cross the plateau you reach in your toning and weight loss journey. What’s a plateau? That’s when your high-intensity workouts are not doing what they are supposed to do. Those final fat pockets refuse to come off and toning especially the thighs and abdomen area seems like an impossible task. Even if you are on a strict regime, spot reduction still seems like an anomaly. The innovative body contouring treatment also known as CoolSculpting® could help you cross the plateau by literally freezing off your fat cells. Yes. Here’s everything you need to know about this pathbreaking treatment. 

What is CoolSculpting®?

It is a globally acclaimed non-invasive4 body sculpting treatment. It is a certified USFDA1 process that freezes your fat cells and gets rid of them for good. Since it does not require any surgery, there is no sedation or cuts involved. Results have shown that every treatment can reduce fat in the targeted area by about 25%9.

What does the treatment look and feel like?

The CoolSculpting® machine does most of the work. An applicator that differs depending on the body part, goes on the targeted area. The treatment takes about 35-40 minutes again depending on the area. The outer thigh area is sometimes known to take a bit longer. You might feel a slight suction but that’s only for the first few minutes.

What’s the recovery time like?

NO DOWNTIME! Yes, you read that right. This treatment requires minimal to none downtime5,6,7. The results, however, take a couple of months to fully show. Patients are known to see results1,2 in a month as well. The most important time to remember here is this is not a weight loss procedure but a body shaping procedure. However, there is a possibility of these stubborn pockets of fat returning if you aren’t careful with your diet and workout regime. This treatment is ideal for people who have reached their goal weight and are now looking at getting rid of that final pockets of fat that refuse to go. 

Are there any side effects?

Common CoolSculpting® side effects have been shown to be typically mild, transient and self-resolving1, 10-14. You may experience sensations of pulling or tugging during the treatment. However, these sensations subside after the area becomes numb. Immediately after the treatment, there may be some redness or tenderness, something like doing 100 ab-crunches in a shot. But don’t worry, this is temporary discomfort. 


How long do the results last?

The number of fat cells we will ever have is fixed during childhood and adolescence, so when we gain weight we don’t gain additional fat cells, they simply expand and get larger8. But the fat cells that are frozen with the CoolSculpting® treatment eventually die but once they’re gone, they are gone for good! 

Are you an ideal candidate?

The ideal person for this treatment as mentioned earlier is someone who is already leading a healthy lifestyle but is stuck with pockets of fat despite the regime. We need to emphasize again that you need to make sure you continue on your health journey. You could hinder your progress if you deviate from your health and diet routine. CoolSculpting® is one of the safest and non-invasive body contouring treatments available in India. You also need to remember this isn’t an alternative to a healthy lifestyle or a method to lose weight. When dealing with ANY cosmetic procedure you need to ensure you get treated by certified doctors and aestheticians. Allergan Healthcare India takes up the responsibility to bring you the best technicians, so you always get the safest treatment and recovery period.

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