Goa's 12 Most Haunted Places... Would You Dare To Visit These On Your Next Trip?

Goa's 12 Most Haunted Places... Would You Dare To Visit These On Your Next Trip?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say ‘Goa’? Beaches, parties, nightlife, water sports, beer and prawns… oh the Goan prawn curry. While all of that is the essence of the party destination of India, there are many other facets of the state that you might have missed. One of them being the haunted spots that no one ever talks about! Intrigued? 

Here Are The 12 Most Haunted Places In Goa

We don’t know the truth behind them, but it definitely makes for an interesting read!

Three Kings’ Chapel


This is arguably one of the scariest places in all of Goa. The legend that surrounds this place is that three Portugese ruled the area and because greed got the better of one of them, he killed the other two monarchs. Because of this, the people of the kingdom grew a deep hatred for the king which led to him taking his own life. It is said that all the three bodies are buried under the church and that’s why the spirits roam the area and the nearing villages freely.

Where: Muder, Cansaulim, Goa 403712

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NH 17- Mumbai Goa Highway

This is another haunted place on the way to Goa and it is said that witches circle the road looking for non-vegetarian food. So it is advised to not venture here with meat because then they will latch on to you. I guess vegetarian biryani (if that’s a thing) really does come in handy sometimes.

Borium Bridge

This bridge was constructed during the Portuguese era and the legend that surrounds it is super scary. Apparently, a ghost runs on the bridge every night and as soon as someone approaches her, she jumps into the river. If the person stops to help her out, he/she sees no one in the river and instead finds the ghost sitting in the backseat of their car. 


This is a place located between Dhavali and Borim and the story goes that a woman is always seen asking for directions on this road. If a person crosses her and turns around, they won’t see anyone at the spot. This is often cited as the reason why so many accidents occur here.

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Igorchem Bandh

Mysteries Unresolved

There’s a tiny village named Raia in South Goa and the road that crosses the village is supposed to be haunted. They say that the presence of spirits is so strong in the area that they actually attack humans in the day.

Jakni Bandh

Janki Bandh is basically a bridge built temporarily between Navelim and Drampur that makes it to the list of one of the most haunted places in Goa. There was a school bus that had collapsed here due to the driver’s negligence and all the children aboard died on the spot. It is said that cries of those children can be heard at night here.

Ghost Hotel

This hotel complex, now abandoned, was built by the Russians. However, because of legal issues the hotel could never be completed. Now, because of the half made structure and the thick jungle surrounding it, the hotel looks like the perfect set for a horror film. There have been some incidents of paranormal activities reported in the area, though very few.

Rachol Seminary Arch

Located on the banks of Zuari River, there's an arch in Rachol village that leads to a seminary. This arch is said to be haunted and the folklore is that the spirit of a soldier dating back to Portugese era stays under the arch. Apparently, the spirit doesn’t allow everyone to pass through.  

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Saligao Village

Saligao Village is about 15 kms away from Goa’s capital city, Panaji and is famous for its many gorgeous churches. The tale is that a spirit roams around a banyan tree in the area for the past 6 decades and often attacks people. Some even say that they got mysterious scratches and bruises after having crossed the tree.

D’Mello House, Santimol


This is another haunted place in South Goa and legend has it that there was a fight over ancestral property between the two brothers who lived in this house. The situation escalated and one killed the other. Ever since the house is supposedly cursed and stands abandoned.  Passersby claim to have heard weird shrieking voices from the house.

The Rodrigues’ Home, Verna

A normal looking house in North Goa where the Rodrigues’ family resides is said to be haunted with spirits. People claim that they see windows and doors opening and shutting on their own and that the lights keep flickering on and off. Some have even said to have spotted the kitchen cutlery moving on its own and linens appearing and disappearing at midnight. That’s pretty spooky.

Dona Paula Beach

The gorgeous beach in Goa is famous for water sports but the stories that surround it will give you goosebumps. They say two lovers committed suicide here because they were from different faiths and nationalities. Theirs and many other lovers’ spirits are said to haunt the place because they couldn’t have their happily ever after.

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