Trekking Enthusiast? These Are The 12 Most Stunning Trails Across India

Trekking Enthusiast? These Are The 12 Most Stunning Trails Across India

If you’ve been looking for an escape from the mundane to the mesmerising part of your life, no other experience in the world will prove as rewarding as trekking. Every once in a while, you should get closer to the surreal beauty of nature and lose yourself in an adventure sport that’s both enticing and enlightening. ‘Cause when you explore all the hidden trails and find yourself amidst breathtaking, panoramic views of the peaks, you’ll know how it finally feels to be alive.

Luckily for us, India has been blessed with such mesmerizing landscapes, tranquil forests and diverse geography that it automatically becomes the ultimate paradise for trekking. If you’re new to this adventure (or not), here’s a list of some of the best treks in India that will take your breath away and get you addicted to the experience of trekking forever. So, are you ready to explore nature with a dash of adrenaline? Let’s get started!

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    Best Trekking Places In North India

    Let’s admit. As soon as we think of trekking, one of the first few places that come to our mind are the glorious mountain ranges that lie in the northern part of our country. The adrenaline rush that we experience while climbing up the mountains in freezing, cold air gives us different kind of joy. So, let’s check out some of the best trekking places in the North!

    Brahmatal Trek


    If you’re in the mood for some gripping adventure whilst admiring the magic of nature, then this trek is bound to satiate all your thrills. As you climb up the trails, the majestic sight of the snow-clad mountains like Chowkhamba, Nilkanth, Kamet, Hathi and Ghoda peaks on one side and Mrigthuni, Trishul, Betharholi Himal and Nandaghunti on the other will surely leave you in awe. But witnessing a frozen lake nestled amidst these beautiful Himalayas as you reach the top is what will make you want to stay there and leave everything else in the world behind.

    Region: Chamoli District, Uttarakhand
    Altitude: 3,352 meters
    Duration: 6 days
    Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
    Best Season: October - December
    Price: Rs 8,200 onward

    Kanchenjunga Trek


    For all the trekkers around the world, Kanchenjunga remains the most sought-after trek on their bucket list. Being an amalgamation of diverse landscapes, beautiful lakes, dense forests and lovely little villages, this trek has the whole package. It allows you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the majestic mountains from Frey Peak to Kabru Peak, the beauty of Prek Chu River and Rathlong River and a waterfall at Paha Khola Bridge. The major highlight of this trek, however, is when you reach the Tshoka hamlet followed by Phedang Pass, which gives you some of the most incredible views of Pandim, Thenchinkhang and Jhuponu mountains. You must try this one, it is one of the best treks in India.

    Region: Gangtok, Sikkim
    Altitude: 8,586 meters
    Duration: 8 days
    Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
    Best Season: Mid March - June, Septemeber - November
    Price: Rs 11,934 onward

    Triund Trek


    If you’re a beginner, there’s no better trek in the world than Triund to start your journey with. The terrains might create a few tricky curves along the way but it’s the spellbinding beauty of the hills and the soothing ambience that will keep you in awe throughout your trek. Charmed by the fascinating views of Dhauladhar Range on one side and the Kangra Valley on the other, you’ll find yourself in a zen-like state with its natural grandeur. You’ll even get to witness some of the most beautiful and rare forests of oak, rhododendron, alpine and fir on your journey.

    Region: Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh
    Altitude: 2,850 meters
    Duration: Within a day (5 to 10 hours)
    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
    Best Season: May - June, September - October
    Price: Rs 10,000 onward

    Valley Of Flowers Trek


    If you’re a nature lover, this trek is surely going to win your heart and be your idea of ‘heaven on earth’ forever. Overlooking the magnificent Himalayas, Valley of Flowers is a picturesque national park that boasts of more than 300 kinds of wild, untamed flowers that will take your breath away. To reach this paradise, you’ll have to cross the spectacular Zanskar ranges and witness the confluence of the two rivers, Bhagirathi and Alaknanda. But it’s when you reach this awe-inspiring valley, clothed in colourful flowers and surrounded by glorious peaks, waterfalls, paddocks and streams - that you finally realise that THIS is what heaven must feel like.

    Region: Chamoli District, Uttarakhand
    Altitude: 4,389 meters
    Duration: 7 days
    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    Best Season: May - October
    Price: Rs 9,000 onward

    Dzongri - Goecha La Trek


    This is considered to be one of the toughest yet most exciting and rewarding of all treks in the country. It commences from the town of Yuksom, where you get to explore the fascinating culture and lifestyle of the people living in Sikkim. While hiking through the trail, you’re treated to the most captivating and jaw-dropping views of Mt. Pandim and Mt. Kabru amidst meandering rivers, verdant valleys, snowy meadows and dense forests. But the major highlight of this incredible trek is when you witness the majestic Kanchenjunga with tufts of clouds concealing its peak.

    Region: Sikkim Himalayas, Sikkim
    Altitude: 4,940 meters
    Duration: 8 - 12 days
    Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
    Best Season: March - June, September - November
    Price: Rs 15,000 onward

    Chadar or Zanskar Frozen River Trek


    This is unarguably one of the most mesmerising treks in the world. Imagine walking across a sparkling, frozen river while being surrounded by tantalising snow-covered mountains on one side and glistening, freezing streams on the other. Doesn’t it sound dreamy? Well, this is exactly what this trek offers, only multiplied a ten-fold. While crossing the Chadar trail, you also get to visit ancient Buddhist monasteries, secluded villages in Zanskar regions and quaint caves, all the while experiencing an incomparable atmosphere and panorama.

    Region: Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir
    Altitude: 3,850 meters
    Duration: 10 days
    Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
    Best Season: January to March
    Price: Rs 15,000 onward

    Best Trekking Places In South India

    The southern part of our country is home to some of the most beautiful creations of nature, jaw-dropping views and the kind of landscapes that leave us in awe. So if you’re down for a southern trekking experience, here a few places that should be on your bucket list.

    Anamudi Trek


    Literally meaning “Elephants forehead”, Anamudi is home to the largest surviving Asian elephants in India and is, therefore, called the pride of Kerala. Being the highest mountain peak in southern India, it also provides an exciting opportunity for trekkers to experience a rush of adrenaline in its scenic magnificence. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the trek offers a natural solace and tranquillity, making your journey gripping yet peaceful at the same time. You may also come across a rare variety of wild forests and delightful blooms, especially the Neela Kurinji flowers, which are known to blossom only once in 12 years.

    Region: Munnar, Kerala
    Altitude: 2,695 meters
    Duration: Less than a day
    Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
    Best Season: November to February
    Price: Rs 6,000 onward

    Meesapulimala Trek


    Being the second highest peak in the southern region of India, Meesapulimala becomes an ideal spot for trekkers who wish to experience an adventure in the lap of nature. The densely covered terrain has eight peaks with more than enough grasslands, rainforests, wildlife, bubbling streams and waterfalls to give you a fascinating journey along the trek. On your way, you will also come across the tranquil Shola forests that provide panoramic views of the landscapes, the spectacular Anayirangal Dam hidden under a blanket of clouds and the Kolukkumalai plantation which is the highest tea estate in the world.

    Region: Idukki District, Kerala
    Altitude: 2,640 meters
    Duration: Less than a day
    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    Best Season: September - May
    Price: Rs 5,000 onward

    Araku Valley Trek


    Located in the picturesque hills of Eastern Ghats, the Araku Valley trek brings you closer to nature with the passing of each turn. On your way, you first get to witness the million-year-old Borra caves. With its rustic aura and hundreds of symbols carved into its walls, they are bound to fascinate anybody who is interested in history or archaeology. The Kartiki Waterfall further creates an idyllic view and makes you feel at peace with yourself. In short, this trek gives every nature buff something new and charming to look forward to, until they reach the gorgeous valley. 

    Region: Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
    Altitude: 910 meters
    Duration: Less than a day
    Difficulty Level: Easy
    Best Season: October - February
    Price: Rs 4,000 onward

    Kodachadri Trek


    Among one of the most famous treks in the country, the one towards Kodachadri Hills includes lush green trails, dense tropical forests and captivating waterfalls, making it an enchanting experience for every traveller. While the Hidlumane Waterfalls makes up for a charming view along the trek, the Moola Mookambika Temple also serves as a stunning foreground to the evergreen forests. The major highlight is when you finally reach the peak of the Kodachadri Hills and catch a glimpse of the evening sun setting into the Arabian Sea. It’s so pretty that you wouldn’t want to leave without spending a few hours under a star-studded sky at night too!

    Region: Maravanthe, Karnataka
    Altitude: 1,343 meters
    Duration: Less than a day
    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    Best Season: October - January
    Price: Rs 3,000 onward

    Koli Hills Trek


    Being relatively untouched by commercial tourism, the Koli Hills are one of those few mountain ranges that have managed to retain their natural magnificence. It’s believed to have a few rocky, twists and turns but the overall mountain trail is flat and proves to be quite enjoyable for all adventure junkies. Although it’s lush greenery is hard to miss, the major highlights of this trek include the stunning Arappaleshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Akash Ganga Falls, which should definitely be visited to complete this enthralling trek on a peaceful note.

    Region: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    Altitude: 1,400 meters
    Duration: Less than a day
    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
    Best Season: February - December
    Price: Rs 2,000 onward

    Chembra Peak Trek


    Being one of the tallest peaks in Kerala, Chembra is an absolute delight for trekkers across the country due to its astounding views and lush green meadows. You are confronted by some of the best gifts of nature including the beautiful, heart-shaped water body, the Banasura Sagar Dam, which stands out in the blanket of picturesque greenery and finally, the panoramic views of not just the Wayanad but of the entire Kozhikode, Malappuram and Nilgiri districts of Kerala from the one and only Chembra peak. In short, it’s a paradise of beauty that’s worth exploring!

    Region: Wayanad, Kerala
    Altitude: 1,790 meters
    Duration: Less than a day
    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
    Best Season: September - February
    Price: Rs 1,000 onward

    So, what are you waiting for? Pack your rucksack and head on for an exciting trek, right away!

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