Hygiene 101: Here Is Why You Should Always Pee After Having Sex!

Hygiene 101: Here Is Why You Should Always Pee After Having Sex!

We’re often busting sex myths. From establishing the fact that women crave sex as much as men to banishing the myth that women only orgasm after penetrative sex. Or that the bigger it is, the better the sex is. So today, we decided to understand what the actual connection between peeing and having sex is. We’ve all heard that one should run to the washroom straight after intercourse, but most women don’t know the reasoning behind it. 

Here are all the reasons why you should pee after having sex

This one’s a must-read for your sexual wellbeing.

Bacteria, bacteria everywhere


When you engage in a sexual act like intercourse or oral sex etc, bacteria enter your body. This can be through the penis, fingers or even the mouth. So to flush out these unwarranted bacteria, it’s important to pee straight after the act.

Save yourself from UTIs

I don’t think I have to tell you how painful Urinary Tract Infections can be. If you’ve got it once, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You can get a UTI from unprotected sex if bacteria are transferred to your body from the guy’s genitals. So wash up and make sure you pee after sex.

Urine eliminates the bacteria

Some of the bacteria that enter your urethra aren’t even external. It can be a faecal matter that has entered there because the female anatomy is such that the anal entrance is very close to the urethra. It’s even possible if you engage in anal sex before vaginal sex. Peeing dislodges the bacteria before it festers into a full-blown infection.

The need is involuntary


The need for women to pee is involuntary after sex. It’s a basic urge because the G-spot is being stimulated. So don’t get lazy after your boom boom and walk to the washroom because controlling your pee is very harmful to your bladder. 

The ideal time to do this is straight after sex but you’ve got a window of about thirty minutes after sex to go do the job. If you’re trying to get pregnant, it is advisable to give it a little gap because you want those last swimmers to get up there as well.

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