Head To Toe: Fashion Forward Gear Every Running Enthusiast Should Own!

Head To Toe: Fashion Forward Gear Every Running Enthusiast Should Own!

Going for a run is such a powerful feeling, a feeling of absolute freedom and that sets the tone for the rest of the day for the person. Today, there are a lot more people opting to run over any other workout. When back in the day workout gear was a simple t-shirt and tracks, now it’s not just about comfort but also about being fashion-forward.

We have chosen some running essentials to make you feel supported, comfortable and stylish that will motivate you to keep doing what you love.

On The Feet: Pulseboost HD

Running Fashion is here to stay. The Pulseboost HD by adidas is the new high fashion accessory on the charts. How can running shoes be fashion? With their cool look and comfort, WHY NOT! The Pulseboost HD is the ideal companion for the city. It is specifically designed to be worn around the city and is accustomed to running on the city streets. This is the shoe that represents the urban running culture. Its stylish design with the highlights is what sets it apart and gives it a stylish edge.

Carry your essentials with you! Add air conditioning to every workout in these women's running tights. Featuring a flashy allover graphic and smooth flatlock seams help reduce chafing. Two hip pockets store your essentials, while a drawcord-adjustable waist lets you personalise the fit.

When it's sultry and hot out, you gotta take control of your ventilation. This cropped running t-shirt has a relaxed fit that allows for easy movement. It also has climacool ventilation, so you'll stay dry, cool, and comfortable during your most rigorous training sessions. Don't let the heat stop you from moving along!

Warm-up in style! Move through sun salutations or climbing sessions in comfort. This light-support bra is part of a statement collection inspired by Stella McCartney. It's made of soft, moisture-wicking fabric with a breathable mesh lining, and hugs the body with a gentle compression fit. None of your outfit choices need to be boring. 

We hope these essentials help you take flight in style! Spread your wings baby, it’s time for a high fashion sprint.

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