If You Thought Orgasms Are Simple, We Just Found Out That They Actually Have Eight Stages!

If You Thought Orgasms Are Simple, We Just Found Out That They Actually Have Eight Stages!

The best thing about sex is the toe-curling and tremendously satisfying orgasm at the end. But just like having an orgasm can sometimes be a little difficult, understanding the science behind an orgasm and sexual responses can be complicated too. Initially, researchers thought that there were four stages in the sexual response cycle, the sequence of emotional and physical changes that happen in the body. But now, it has been discovered that there are actually EIGHT stages in the sexual response cycle. Say what??! That means your body goes through eight phases during sex. Woah! That’s intense, just like the last orgasm you had! *wink*

Want to know what these eight stages are?

Let’s find out!

1. Turn-On

This stage is self-explanatory. Think of the time when you looked at your partner and all you could think of was how you couldn’t wait to get him/her out of their clothes. Well, this is that stage!


2. Excitement

Excitement is the stage when you’re finally feeling yourself. You feel sexy, confident and totally hot while you’re making out. In this phase, your pelvic area feels really full as the blood rushes to this area and it becomes extremely sensitive to touch. This increased blood circulation also produces fluid that makes your vulva ‘wet’ and there is lubrication to make penetration and sex easier.

3. Plateau

As the stimulation continues, you feel extra-sensitive and all your senses are heightened. Everything feels amazing and you start to soak in all the good things that are going on in your body. This stage sounds fun, doesn’t it?

4. Peaking

This is the phase that your body takes a quick breather before the release. There is so much happening in your body that it needs to take a short break to come to terms with it all before the magic happens. 


5. Climax

You may commonly refer to this as the whole orgasm but it is only a phase, probably the shortest of them all. It is when you hit the peak of pleasure and nothing is in your control anymore. Your muscles contract, your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing are at their highest rate and there is a flush that spreads all over your body!

6. Restoration

Imagine this-you're majorly frustrated and finally all hell breaks loose and you start to cry. It is after that big release of emotion that you finally feel pleasure. Restoration is the same stage in the sexual response cycle. After the big release, it is when you finally feel the pleasure!

7. Resolution

After a powerful and all-consuming orgasm, it is during the resolution stage that your body finally returns to the normal level of functioning. The swollen (and erect) parts of your body return to their original size as blood flow to them reduces. Usually, women are capable of returning to the orgasm phase with stimulation and experience multiple orgasms. However, men need a little bit of down-time after an orgasm, called the refractory period.


8. Stillness

You’re lying in bed and you know everything is just the way it is supposed to be. You’re a little tired and spent but you feel closer to your partner than ever before. Well, that is exactly what happens in this stage - a sense of peace settles over you.

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