Awwdorable: POPxo's Video Star, Ragini's Magical Engagement Story Will Give You The Feels

Awwdorable: POPxo's Video Star, Ragini's Magical Engagement Story Will Give You The Feels

Once upon a time, there was a princess (okay, not a real princess but you get the point) who grew up on romantic movies, fairytales and dialogues from Karan Johar films like Kuch kuch hota hai Anjali, tum nahi samjhogi and that’s when she knew, she loved love. So say hello to our girl, Ragini Kapoor who dreamt about her happily ever after and Prince Charming and knew that one day it will all make sense. 

Ragini found a friend, Vipin Tyagi and somehow after five years of friendship, their relationship developed into something more. How it happened and the exact moment the comfort of friendship became something much deeper and morphed into love, even she is sure of. It only took a couple of months for both of them to realise that they’ve hit the jackpot and all that made for each other stuff started becoming a reality.

Floating through life hand in hand with her bae, Ragini had the surreal feeling of being in love. And then came that day which both of them will never forget. It was a Monday and the blues were real. Everything was going wrong that day from work stress to period cramps, it just wasn’t her day. She was venting and cribbing to Vipin and wanted to stay in and order comfort Chinese but he was hell-bent on brightening up her mood by taking her out. 

They picked an adorable rooftop restaurant in the city called Fig and Maple where they had incidentally had their first date too. Being completely unaware of what his plans for the night were, she went along. They ordered drinks and some nibbles and suddenly a girl approached them with a videographer saying that she’s a new singer the place has hired and was getting herself recorded so that she could look back at the tapes to review her performance. The performance started with everyone’s favourite romantic ballad Perfect by Ed Sheeran. The next song was Lag Ja Gale, which was a special one to Ragini because her parents would sing it to her as a child.

That’s when he popped the question and asked her if she’d like to grow old with him. She completely froze and he had to ask it again; he bent down on one knee and opened his heart to her completely. All she could muster was a nod after which they danced to the song.

Overwhelmed, she wanted to tell her sisters and could not keep it in any longer but he insisted on her breaking the news to everyone in person. But who would be awake at midnight on a Monday night? They entered the house and she wanted to run to her mother and show the glittery diamond that adorned her finger but he asked her to sit in the drawing room for a little bit. 

She opens the door and yet another surprise is waiting for her. She switches on the lights and there they all are- her closest friends, her family, and even dhol walas to celebrate her engagement cause it’s gotta be a party, doesn’t it?

There was a special cocktail menu for the occasion and a sprawling spread of food. There was champagne being popped and happiness all around the place. It was everything she could have ever dreamt of but better. All the people she loved, under one roof, celebrating their new journey together. There were tears, smiles, hugs, and kisses and that’s when she knew her happily ever after was truly magical.

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