Dear Vicky Kaushal, I Found 8 Products That Express My Love For You Better Than Any Words!

Dear Vicky Kaushal, I Found 8 Products That Express My Love For You Better Than Any Words!

Dear, Vicky Kaushal. The light of my life. The fire of my heart (sorry Vladimir Nabakov for twisting the iconic opening lines from Lolita). But these are the only words in the universe of words that can describe exactly what I feel for you. You are original, totally grounded, bashful at times, hauntingly hot and unarguably talented. Don’t even get me started on that smile of yours!

If I was allowed to buy one item for myself every time I daydream about you, I would have a wardrobe as big as Carrie Bradshaw by now (umm..probably bigger). Your magic has cast such a spell on me that I feel everything I own or wish to own gives a glaring hint on my crazy, crazy love for you.


I Found These 8 Cool Products That Express My Feelings For Vicky Kaushal:

..And they do it better than my words ever will.

When I Saw You For The First Time


You had my heart with all the innocence, vulnerability and love that you breathed into the character of Deepak in Masaan. The naivety with which you would listen to the poems written by your lady love in the film and the nervousness of your first kiss made my heart sing out loud “Tu cheez badi hai mast mast.”


Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast T-shirt

INR 599 AT Notebuddie

When Someone Says That They Are Crazy About You


From that hot as heck beard to the intense look in your eyes, you have been making my heart (and the hearts of millions of women) skip a beat since 2015. Every time I see another woman swooning over you, I wish I could show them this phone cover and let it do the talking for me.

Haath Mat Lagana Isko Phone Cover

INR 499 AT POPxo

When The Tabloids Broke The News About Your Love Life


Just when I had found my happily ever after (in my dreams), the tabloids started reporting about you being in a relationship with an actress. There were pictures of you twinning with her in the same t-shirt and you accepted your love for her on camera!

P.S. I played Channa Mereya on a loop for two weeks.


Kya Se Kya Ho Gaye T-shirt

INR 399 AT Wear Your Opinion

When I’m Day Dreaming About Marrying You Someday


But you know what dear Vicky, true love needs no validation. And it thrives despite all the struggles. So I still dream of marrying you someday because sochne me kya jata hai!! And in my dreams, both of us are lazing around on the same bed with these cushions all around.


Tu Mujhe Kabool Cushion Cover

INR 399 AT Yedaz

When I Heard You Broke Up But Are Now Dating Another Actor


Boy, the brutality with which you break my heart into a million pieces! The other day when I was doing some Google research on how to become a celebrity (so that I can bump into you on the red carpet someday) I came across this news report that said you have broken up with your flame...yay…but are now dating another actor. Bas bahut ho gaya, Vicky!

*sobs in a corner*


Bohat Ho Gaya Tote Bag

INR 599 AT POPxo

When You Were Heartbroken In Manmarziyan


In your own words from Masaan, “Saala, yeh dukh kaahe khatam nahi hota hai bey?” When a heartbroken DJ Sandh loses Rumi- the love of his life, I wish I could hug him tight and give him the much-needed gyan on why love sucks.


Pyar Ek Dhoka Hai T-shirt

INR 259 AT Bewakoof

When Your Character Dies in Raazi


I loved Iqbal in Raazi regardless of which side of the border he was from. I cried with joy when I found out Sehmat is alive and has successfully completed her mission but I cried more when Iqbal lost his life to the bomb blast. Why did you have to die? Whyyy?

Why Bhagwan Why- Notebook Hard Cover

INR 279 AT POPxo

While Checking Your Instagram


Checking your Instagram does to me what sex does to all of us! *Blush* *Blush* I would let this canvas pouch do the talking for me here.


Charam Sukh Pouch (Canvas)

INR 549 AT POPxo

Ek tarfa pyar ki taqat hi kuch aur hoti hai, Vicky. Auron ke rishton ki tarah ye do logon me nahi bat’ti, sirf mera haq hai ispe!!! But anyway, tum nahi samjhoge!

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