Hate The Gym? These 7 Group Classes In Mumbai Will Have You Shredded In No Time

Hate The Gym? These 7 Group Classes In Mumbai Will Have You Shredded In No Time

If you’re anything like me, the gym is the last place you’d rather be. The sight of those weights racked up and the treadmill and elliptical is a real put off, isn’t it? Where’s the fun in that? I always over commit and sign up for 6-12 months and barely even make it to the gym for a month or two before giving up. Running on the treadmill, bench-pressing and just going from one corner to the other lifting weights is not my idea of a fun workout. Wondering how to achieve your fitness goals and get that beach bod while having some fun? 

Here are some group classes that you can sign up for in Mumbai

Whether you like to dance, punch or be suspended mid-air, we’ve identified the coolest workouts and group classes that will have you groovin’ those inches off. 

Boxing, Zumba and Yoga at Cult.Fit


CultFit has quickly become one of the leading fitness destinations in the country. The gym features multiple group classes like zumba, dance fitness, yoga and boxing. You can choose a workout based on your end goal. You have cardio, strength training and high-intensity classes here to choose from. It’s quite a tech-savvy gym too, you have to book your class on an app and the whole environment is designed to make you feel part of a fitness cult! Every single class is great, the trainers and staff are well trained and give you personal attention. 

Where: BKC, Juhu, Malad, Lower Parel, Tardeo, Nariman Point, Prabhadevi, Chembur and Powai. Look for your nearest centre here

HIIT Training at CrossFit

CrossFit is definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you’ve got your heart set on becoming the best, fittest version of yourself and you’re not afraid to be a little sore in the process - CrossFit is the class for you. CrossFit focuses on functional training to build strength and condition your body in ways you never thought were possible. The workouts are hardcore and pretty intense, every day is a new workout and a new challenge. The best CrossFit centres in Mumbai are the ones run by Shivoham

Where: Juhu, Andheri, Bandra, Powai

Aerial Yoga at The Space Juhu


If you’re looking for some off-beat ways to shed those inches then The Space has a quaint little studio tucked into the lanes of Juhu. There are some pretty interesting workouts for the girl who’s anything but basic. From pole dancing, pilates to aerial yoga, you can do it all here. It is a little expensive but isn’t investing in your health and well being the best money you will ever spend? 

Where: Juhu 

Australian HIIT at F45 BKC

F45 is an Australian training programme that has made its way all over the world. The programme combines high-intensity interval and functional training. There are over 4,000 different exercises and 36 unique workouts to keep you on your toes. Different days of the week are dedicated to fitness programmes. There are multiple TV screens to show you the correct form of the workout and 2 trainers on the floor to keep your spirits high. Go on, get a trial. We bet you’ll be hooked. 

Where: BKC and Juhu

Mat and Reformer Pilates


If you would rather workout like the celebs do, then opt for a pilates class. There are tons of Pilates studios all over Mumbai that will help you get in shape and strengthen your muscles. Pilates focuses on building core strength while developing your mind-body connection.  

Where: Multiple centres all across Mumbai 

Aqua Fitness

Are you a water baby? Would you rather take a dip in the pool while you get fit? Then you definitely need to check out Aqua fitness, there are a range of workouts that can be performed while you’re underwater from cycling to Zumba, and even the treadmill. The best part is that you break into a sweat! 

Where: Andheri West and Bandra East

Hot Yoga


Hot yoga is performed in a temperature-controlled room - usually 37 degrees. It’s designed to give your body a better, more effective workout because your body is warmer, and your muscles are warmer. Because you sweat (and be prepared to sweat a lot), your body flushes out all the toxins in the form of sweat. Make sure you hydrate well before and after a hot yoga class. 

Where: Lokhandwala

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