Dirty Dictionary: 15 Sex Terms EVERY Millennial Should Know

Dirty Dictionary: 15 Sex Terms EVERY Millennial Should Know

When it comes to sex education, I urge you to be like a sponge. Soak in as much information as you can and enlighten those around you.  Don’t be a silly billy who casually mentions sex terms without knowing the meaning. You’ll not only make a joke of yourself, but you’ll also invite people to look down up your intellect. To save you from a knowledge faux pas, I think it’s time you get familiar with these terms.  

15 Sex Terms You Should Know

Let’s see how many of these terms do you already know. Shall we get started?

Queening - It’s just a fancy term for a woman sitting on her man’s face while he does the dirty. This position makes a woman feel empowered, sexy and in control.

Pansexual - A person who is attracted romantically or sexually to all gender identities can call themselves a pansexual.

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Asexual - Someone who has no or little interest in sexual relationships. The urge to satisfy their sexual desires and fantasies is absent. 

Tantra - You’ve probably heard of tantric sex? If not, then you should know that it’s an ancient Hindu practice that’s been going on for at least 5,000 years. It basically means the weaving and expansion of energy. The slower the sex, the more intimate and spiritual the experience becomes. 

Pegging - When a woman uses a strap-on dildo to penetrate her partner, it can be classified at pegging. 

Transsexual - A person who usually goes through surgical procedures or takes medication to change their gender. 

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Aphrodisiac - It’s basically a food substance that increases one's sex drive. Foods that boost your libido are oysters, chocolate, red wine, nutmeg, vanilla, nutmeg.

Scissoring - When a lesbian couple rubs their vulvas against each other's, it can be called scissoring. Also, not only rubbing against another’s vajayjay, but some people also find it pleasurable when they rub against their partner’s thighs and buttocks.

Queefing - Most women have already experienced it and are some are quite embarrassed about it. It refers to the sound your vagina makes when the air escapes from it.  

Sadomasochism - Inflicting pain to one’s partner in order to experience pleasure. Don’t worry, it’s usually done consensually between the two. 

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Aftercare - it’s a very cute thing couples should be doing any which ways. Checking up on each other after having sex. Taking care of their emotional, mental and physical needs post-sex. Cuddling, talking and kissing, usually follow after a sexy session between the sheets. 

Aromantic - a person who has no desire for romantic attention. They often enjoy having sex with no romantic feelings involved. They also believe in love such as the relationship they share with their friends and family. 

Bisexual - A person who is attracted to both genders in a sexual and romantic way can be termed at a bisexual. 

Swinging - it means couple swapping. Every act is consensual and most couples believe that the bond between their spouses intensifies after every swap.  

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Fetish - a sexual desire triggered by an item of clothing, object or body part such as feet, armpits and neck. 

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