“Dil Mein Aata Hoon, Samajh Mein Nahi": 10 *WTF* Statements By Salman Khan!

“Dil Mein Aata Hoon, Samajh Mein Nahi": 10 *WTF* Statements By Salman Khan!

His deliberate choice of movies may lack common sense (or sense of humour), but his loyal fans leave no stone unturned to make him a Box Office King. However, Salman Khan appears less in headlines for his movies and more for controversies that stick to him like bees on a honeycomb. And whenever he lands into trouble for making cheeky statements or being too crass, we’re not surprised! Maybe this is why this famously complex character says, “Dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahi”.

What Were You Thinking, Mr Khan? Or Were You Not?

The eternal bachelor of Bollywood has time and again made statements that put him in a tight spot and make everyone go, WTF!


“From the age of 15, I did not get a transit period. For the first time, I have such a chance to sigh. I am sighing more since it has been two-and-a-half years. It’s time to stop sighing because something soon will happen in my life.”

Am I the only one who couldn’t understand why he was “sighing” so much? Was he feeling breathless or trying to hint that something good was going to happen? Simplify, Mr Khan.

“There is no actor in me, at all. I don’t act there. I act in real life.”

Did he just confess that he doesn’t know how to act AND that he’s fake? *slow claps*


“When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight...”

Wow, he compared his physical exhaustion during his shooting for Sultan to the state of being raped. Could he be any more insensitive?

“I see a lot of people getting depressed and emotional, but I can’t afford that luxury of being depressed or sad or emotional because no matter what I’m going through, it works against me.”

Suffering from depression is NOT a luxury. Do you hear us, Salman?

“If I hit someone, I will give it my best shot.”

I can’t believe that THIS is how Salman defended himself when Aishwarya Rai alleged that he used to hit her when they were dating. Can you guess why he’s still single?

“Tumko kya hai meri shaadi se? Meri shaadi se tumko kuch faayeda hoga kya? Agar fayeda hoga toh sirf mujhe he hoga. Meri biwi kya tumhari biwi ho jayegai? Nahi na. Shayad tumhari biwi meri biwi ho jayegi, but meri biwi tumhari nahi hogi.”

Calling dibs on someone else’s wife - toxic masculinity ALERT!


“What is the salary of a hawaldaar? Everything is growing. Your dal prices are growing. Your salary has been constant for years. So, chota mota it’s fine yaar. Chota mota - thoda sa bribe le liya. But if you are using someone's misery to make money, that is wrong. Apne uska kaam thoda sa hurried up kar liya, toh kya?

Is he trying to say that giving a small amount of bribe is okay? And that it fastens up the process in our country? Wow, Mr Dabangg is so opinionated and honest.

“If Katrina is not an actor, then she should be married and produce children.”

Yeah, because that’s exactly what every woman’s end goal should be. Right?


“Whenever she (Katrina Kaif) has not taken my advice, she’s had a hard time. Jab bhi nahi suna hai, takleef mein aayi hain...”

Well, Salman listens to himself more than anybody else and still ends up in trouble. So, let’s just agree to disagree!

“She (Priyanka Chopra) left such a good film to get married. Usually, people leave husbands for a film like this (Bharat).”

Look who’s being a little TOO proud of his film! If only he could stop being so proud of his unsavoury digs at women, the world would be a much better place.

In the end, let’s just take a moment of silence to ignore his mindless mess-ups. ‘Nuff said!

GIFs: Giphy

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