10 Things Sid & Aisha From Wake Up Sid Taught Us About Life 10 Years Ago

10 Things Sid & Aisha From Wake Up Sid Taught Us About Life 10 Years Ago

When Wake Up Sid released in 2009, it was termed as one of the best coming-of-age films ever made in Bollywood. Many could associate with its refreshing, simple yet innovative storyline. There wasn’t anyone who couldn’t relate to the carefree character of Siddharth Mehra (played by Ranbir Kapoor) procrastinating his every move. Or to Aisha’s (played by Konkana Sen) obsessive need to be in control of her life. Only because of a single reason--we all experience something similar in real life. A huge shout out to Ayan Mukerji for giving us a movie that wasn’t an over-the-top emotional drama but dealt with actual problems instead. 

Cut to 2019, the movie still remains very much relevant. 

Life Lessons We Learned From Sid And Aisha:


1. Believe in the simple pleasures of life

It doesn’t take much to have a good day if you find happiness in bittersweet moments of life. While making a career choice should have been Sid’s top priority, he doesn’t forget to enjoy simple things like sticking out his neck out of the sunroof to feel the breeze. 

2. 2. Don’t give in to parental pressure

There’s a bit of you, me and everyone we know in Sid, isn’t there? Sid’s father puts immense pressure on him to choose a mainstream career or to take over his business. But Sid takes his sweet time to decide what he wants to do in life, and his struggle and fight with his dad are every bit believable. 

3. Chase your dreams, no matter what

There is nothing that can deter Aisha’s spirit to become a writer. She leaves her hometown and moves to Mumbai to pursue her dreams. She knows what she is chasing--freedom, and a chance to do something new.


4. Breaking out of that ‘chalta hai’ zone is important

While daddy ka cash may sound good, we should know how to fend for ourselves. Remember Aisha asking Sid if he has ever thought of having his own house, cooking his own meals, splurging his own money? Well, Aisha gave us an important lesson about life right about there!

5. It’s never too late to pursue your passion

This is probably the biggest takeaway from the film. While Sid is on probation, he never stops having fun with his camera. He aimlessly keeps clicking pictures until he realises he wants to take up photography as his profession.

6. Never believe that friend who says, “Fail honge to saath mein honge”

Look at what happened with Sid! It hurts, it really hurts when you don’t clear the semester exams and your friend does. Know that your friend is doing his/her preparation despite the assurance they have given you.


7. No job is big or small

When Aisha has to assist senior editor Kabir Chaudhary (played by Rahul Khanna), she doesn’t leave it to chance and is persistent until Kabir is convinced.

8. Love isn’t always normal or perfect

Aisha and Sid expected something else from each other. Their relationship wasn’t perfect yet they found comfort in each other. 


9. Don’t worry, be yourself

Sid is a college kid who sleeps on SpongeBob sheets and wears Scooby-Doo T-shirts. He gets a lot of flack from his parents too. Everyday challenges to fend for himself throw his life into chaos. But he doesn’t change himself. Instead, he comes out as a winner!

10. No matter what life throws at you, don’t forget to chill with your BFFs

After all, it's thanks to your best friends who help you make the best and worst decisions of your life. Seeing Sid always sticking by his friends is so relatable. Fun. Fight. Forgive. Repeat!