#NotTheClit: 10 Other Erogenous Zones In Your Body That Can Make You Moan!

#NotTheClit: 10 Other Erogenous Zones In Your Body That Can Make You Moan!

There are quite a few super-sensitive zones in a woman’s body where we want our partners to touch and tease us. Move over the genitals, silly! Though the clitoris takes away most of the attention, there are plenty of other hotspots that have strong erogenous potential.

What Are Erogenous Zones?

Erogenous zones are the areas in your body that can sexually arouse you when touched. For a greater sexual experience, sex therapists and sexologists suggest exciting these zones first and then moving to the vajayjay. 

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Here are 10 erogenous spots in a woman’s body that can elicit a high sexual response when stimulated:

Take notes y’all:


A passionate makeout session turns you on, doesn’t it? Well, this pretty much explains why lips are one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. Lips have a bunch of nerve endings that are located very close to the skin surface. So even the slightest touch can release the feel good hormones in the body.

Ask him to: Touch the outline of your lips with his fingers and then lick your lips with his tongue.


Your neck is one of the sexiest spots in your body that is often overlooked. Like your lips, your neck too is flooded with nerve endings that can make you go wild with even a gentle caress.

Ask him to: Gently rub his fingers on the nape of your neck as you indulge in a passionate kiss.


Admit it, we all enjoy a little ear pleasure. When touched, the sensory receptors on your ears sexually arouse you. This makes your ears a pleasure spot that he’s probably not aware of!

Ask him to: Trace the outline of your ears with his fingers while you are kissing. Nibbling or gently pulling on your ear lobe also makes for great foreplay.

Inner Thighs

Some teasing and licking on the inner thigh can kick the entire foreplay game up a notch. The skin here is extremely sensitive and is packed with nerve endings, any contact with which can make you wet down there.

Ask him to: Stroke his fingers up and down your thighs moving towards your vulva.


You know how ticklish you feel when someone touches your underarms, right? It may sound gross to some but your armpits can be surprisingly erogenous for the same reasons. What starts as a playful sensation can turn extremely seductive soon.

Ask him to: Gently brush your armpits with his fingers while paying attention to what drives the best response from you.


The area just below the belly button is a major tease. It is so close to the vagina and clitoris that even the thought of him touching you there can excite you.

Ask him to: Place soft kisses on your belly button and just above the pelvis.


Not just the nipples, women also enjoy being touched between the breasts. So instead of going straight to the breasts, the guy should spend some time caressing the cleavage. It really helps build up the excitement! .

Ask him to: Gently kiss the centre of your chest and draw slow circles with his tongue.


With a lot of nerve endings, the butt can be a hot place for many women. However, not all women enjoy the butt stuff and he may be reluctant too in order to not make you uncomfortable. If you are really in for some nasty stuff, make sure you give him enough cues.

Ask him to: Caress your butt cheeks, grab them while you’re at it or even spank your butt.


The vulva, or the outer part of the vagina, is another sensitive zone in your body. It is connected to the genitals and the glands that release sex hormones and hence trigger sex response. The vulva can be the most erogenous area if he knows how to be creative with it.

Ask him to: Play around your pubic mound with his tongue, finger or a sex toy.


The bottom of your feet has pressure points that trigger arousal. Also, they are packed with nerve endings that turn you on whenever he touches them.

Ask him to: Suck your toes and massage your feet with firm and steady strokes.

When you know what you want in bed, and how you want it, you make things more exciting for both yourself and him. So pay attention to these zones in your body and enjoy sex like never before.

All Images: Pexels

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