Bored Of Where You're Living? This Is The City You Should Settle In, According To Your Zodiac

Bored Of Where You're Living? This Is The City You Should Settle In, According To Your Zodiac

I have to tell you something important, every zodiac sign is on their own energy plane. While some crave adventure, other's prefer a quiet and peaceful life. This, of course, largely depends on your star sign's personality traits. Here me out for a moment, your destiny doesn't have to be in the city you were born in. You can always move to the city of your dreams. Where should you go? Allow me to decide for you.  

Aries - New York City

destination 1

If there's one thing an Aries person can't do is sit still. Aries people are always on the move. They can't live in a city that's dull and quiet. They need excitement and activity in their life. That's why New York is the place for them! The hustle and bustle is what they'll enjoy the most about it.  

Taurus - Singapore

A Taurus likes to do things in a particular fashion. They like living by rules and detest chaos. A place that's clean and functions smoothly are features Taurus people are looking for. That way, Singapore fits the bill. Everything there is so clean, lush, compact and organised - just the way Taurus likes it.  

Gemini - Tokyo, Japan

destination 3

A Gemini will rot if you leave them in a secluded place. In their early stages of life, they like to travel and immerse themselves in culture and new experiences. Tokyo gives them the freedom to explore new opportunities. Every nook and corner in Tokyo has something to offer for the curious Gemini mind. 

Cancer - Houston, Texas

As long as Cancer has their music and bottle of bubbly - they're sorted. Houston, Texas, gives off that care-free feeling. Also, Cancer peeps are pretty bright and creative by nature. The best part is that Texas has plenty of art galleries to keep you inspired. 

Leo - Madrid, Spain

Full of culture and life, Madrid is the place for Leo to be at! It's home to beautiful works of architecture, lush parks and royal palaces, Madrid has both a traditional and wild side to it. Perfectly fit for both of Leo's moods.  

Virgo - Seoul, South Korea

destination 5

Virgo women need to go soul-searching in Seoul. They'll love this place because they get to live the best of both worlds. On one side all they see is skyscrapers and the other, traditional temples. The balance is what they admire. Plus, this place makes for cute and pretty Instagram pictures. 

Libra - Heraklion, Greece

You'd prefer life by the sea better than cramming up in some studio apartment in a crowded city. Your free spirit needs its space to breathe and the best part is that Heraklion will be ideal for your needs and peace of mind. 

Scorpio - Venice, Italy

destination 7

You may look like a tough cookie, but you're actually just a sucker for love. Venice will help you meet people who are on the same energy plane as you. Who knows? You may even bump into your soulmate during your stay there *Wink* 


Saggitarius - Paris, France

As a Sagittarius person, you appreciate good aesthetics. Paris is full of gorgeous-looking architecture and the smell of fresh butter croissants and crispy baguettes. Since you like all things luxury, Paris will cater to all your fine tastes in life. 

Capricorn - London

destination 9

Capricorns are actually quite traditional and practical in nature. They love being surrounded by history and pretty neighbourhoods. London is a great choice for you. You will find happiness while visiting old museums, art galleries, theatre and medieval castles. 

Aquarius - Phuket, Thailand

You're a person who loves to travel and likes to live the life of the locals. Aquarius, you're going to find a sense of belonging in Thailand. In fact, you'd like it so much that you'd consider moving there someday.

Pisces - Vancouver, Canada

A place where no one can get into your bubble is where you want to be. Leaving the crowded city and chilling in a cosy bungalow in Vancouver is your idea of a good life. Maybe make some hot chocolate and do a movie marathon while you're at it?

Images: Shutterstock, Giphy

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