You & Him: 15 Memes You’ll Definitely Relate To If You’re In A Long-Term Relationship!

You & Him: 15 Memes You’ll Definitely Relate To If You’re In A Long-Term Relationship!

By now I’m sure you can complete each other’s sentences, you know each other’s friends and enemies and you’re pretty good at predicting how the other will react in any given situation. You’ve been by each other for years now, have seen the good and the bad times together and have come out stronger. It sure looks like an easy-breezy journey but God knows you’ve had your share of ups and downs. All his crazy habits that you’ve tried to make peace with and all your untimely wishes that he graciously accepted, make you a perfect couple. So it’s time to share some laughs with the love of your life by reliving all your agree-to-disagree moments with these hilarious memes and comics. Go on and share them with bae.


2. When you realise he knows you too well

3. Bestie + Wifey = Perfect life-y


4. At least, he notices…

Sarah Andersen

5. ‘Coz one of you is the more talkative one always


6. He’s not lying…

7. Well, we all have our days


8. One thing... You asked him to do ONE thing!

9. Every. Single. Time.

Enzo Comics

10. That’s so true!

11. How couples recharge


12. Someone in a long-term relationship can totally understand this feeling!

Sarah Graley

13. Hehe…

14. The list of adorable names you give him goes on

Sarah Anderson

15. Aww…

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