Here's Why Going Commando Is The Best Thing For Your Vagina

Here's Why Going Commando Is The Best Thing For Your Vagina

Going commando can sometimes sound more silly than actually being practical. But as it turns out, going around without underwear can be really good for your lady parts. It’s also amazing for your bank balance because ladies, let’s be honest, the lacy thongs that we all love are pretty expensive considering them being bear minimum fabric. Yes, we do agree that sometimes wearing a rough pair of denims sans underwear can do more harm than good but if you’re slaying in a pair of loose, boyfriend jeans, joggers or a cute summer dress, it might not be such a bad idea. (Well, except in windy situations.) 

Many people do go commando to avoid panty lines or just because they feel comfortable that way but studies have shown that it may actually be good for your vaginal health. Here’s how...

It helps prevent yeast infections


Those of you who are prone to yeast infections may want to go commando ‘cause underwears trap bacteria and dampness, causing the infection to keep recurring and you’re more prone to getting it again and again. Also, undergarments made from materials other than cotton or natural fabric don’t allow breathability so allowing air to the vaginal region can actually be helpful.

It can reduce discharge

Doctors say that since a lot of underwears aren’t breathable, they prevent ventilation. This can cause excessive discharge production. So wearing loose linen, cotton pants or going sans underwear-free can actually reduce this.

It can prevent chafing


If you like wearing very tight clothes, you know exactly what I mean when I say chafing is the worst feeling ever. If you wear very tight underwear then it’s not good for your vaginal area because of the friction and irritation that can be caused. So either you wear softer fabrics or you could bid those panties farewell for good.

Say bye-bye to your vaginal odour

Again a problem with excessive moisture and not being able to let your vagina get air, vaginal odour is pretty common but can be very uncomfortable for some. In these cases too, plan to not wear underwear. But obviously, if it’s too much you should go to a doctor and get tested for STDs or vaginal infections.

The thrill cannot be ignored

Feeling the wind on your lady parts can be very exciting and thrilling and that can’t be ignored. Some people even say that going commando makes them feel sexier. Well, you’ll never know if you don’t try! *Wink*

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