Dear Massi-To-Be, Here’s How You Can Give Your Sister The Cutest Baby Shower Ever

Dear Massi-To-Be, Here’s How You Can Give Your Sister The Cutest Baby Shower Ever

Being a massi-to-be is unarguably, the most amazing feeling in the whole wide world. From the moment you become aware of your sister’s pregnancy, you almost want to skip the next 9 months of your life and jump right to that moment when the baby is in your arms. You spend your days, dreaming of cuddling and playing, baby-shopping and talking about your little munchkin-on-the-way with a sparkle in your eyes. You can’t wait to grab those teeny-tiny fingers, kiss those soft, adorable cheeks and love that little human with all your heart. As each month passes by, you begin to realise that soon enough, you will have a new family member in your life. Now, if that’s not a good enough reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is!

By the 7th month of pregnancy, it’s natural for every woman to start feeling a bit overwhelmed. After all, in only a few weeks’ time, just about everything in her life will revolve around the baby. This is why a baby shower is so important. ‘Cause every mom-to-be deserves to unwind and relax, have some fun and share the joys of pregnancy with her close friends and family. So, dear excited massi-to-be, if your little bundle of joy is on its way, take out your checklist for these tips and tricks to arrange the sweetest baby shower for your sister and create an unforgettable day!


Invite The Ones Who Matter

Unlike the traditional godh bharai, where every woman of a family is invited to shower her blessings, deck you up in jewellery and colourful dupattas and create a pompous fanfare - in this, you get to make your own decisions. Starting with selectively inviting people! In fact, tell her to write down a list of all those whom she has either known the longest or feels the most comfortable and happiest with. Make her realise that she’s not allowed to make any casual formalities. So, if she’s inviting someone out of pure kindness or guilt, scratch the name out.


Make It A Comfortable Affair

It’s very important to choose the right date. You wouldn’t want her best friends backing out at the last moment because of their work or family commitments, would you? Try to plan the event in such a way that all her friends show up. Reach out to everyone or make a WhatsApp group to know which date seems to work for a majority. Confirm the date at least a month in advance so that they all get enough time to plan everything. A weekend should ideally, work best for everyone. Also, a baby shower shouldn’t last for more than 3-4 hours. You want your sister and her guests to look their best and glow with happiness and energy, not with sweat or exhaustion. Make it an afternoon affair in a comfortable, indoor setting. And my advice would be to do it at home, simply because there’s no place like it.

Choose A Cute Lil’ Kiddie Theme

A memorable baby shower mostly depends on the right theme. Although a lot of people tend to keep it simple with basic colours and arrangements, adding a fun theme will make it vibrant and playful. You could either choose a children’s book or a Disney movie theme (maybe your sister’s favourite) or you could mix it up with all things cute and dreamy. You could keep some sparkling tiaras ready for all the guests, deck up the room with colourful flowers and balloons or display the cutest little wall clocks (POPxo Recommends: Blossom Action Wall Clock for Rs. 999). And make everyone aware of the little one’s presence in the room! *wink*


Deck Up Your Space With Surprises

Amidst the cute little surroundings, add an element of nostalgia by putting up your sister’s old baby pictures up in every nook and cranny of your home. By doing so, not only will your guests’ excitement build up, but you’ll also get to see their priceless expressions, over and over again. Another way of adding some more aww moments to the baby shower is by ditching the conventional baby banners and replacing them with baby socks, rompers and booties on a string tied from one corner to another on certain pieces of furniture. After all, shouldn’t there be a glimpse of reality whilst everyone’s imagination is flying high?

Bake Up Some Yummy Snacks

Since a baby shower is most likely to take place after lunch, there’s no need to serve too hearty dishes or main course items that’ll either end up getting wasted or make everyone feel sleepy and low on energy. Hence, it’s best to serve light but delicious finger food such as fish fingers, french fries, cheese and crackers, etc. To those with a sweet tooth, you could serve them with some colourful, cupcakes, doughnuts or sweetened popcorn. For drinks, make sure you come up with interesting, kiddie-inspired names such as a Pik-Pik-Pikachu for a Mango-Orange Slush, Red Drinking Hood for Tomato Juice, Disney Frozen for a Blue Lagoon Mojito or a Princess Sparkle for Pink Lemonade.


Why Should Babies Have All The Fun?

No celebration is ever truly complete without some fun, frolic and laughter. And this takes place only with the existence of certain activities and games that ‘bump’ up the party! Don’t you think?

Guess Who?

Ask each guest to bring one baby picture of their childhood without showing it to anyone. These pictures would later be shuffled in a box full of memories and taken out, one by one, giving everyone a chance to guess who’s who! It sounds easier said than done and funnier than you could imagine.

Get Creative!

Try to arrange as many white baby-tees as you can, along with loads of colours, fabric paints and brushes, glitters, etc. Give your guests’ the ability to create something precious for your sister’s little munchkin and showcase their cute little artistic skills!


Baby Bloopers

Get a hold of some of the most embarrassing memories or funniest incidents from your sister’s and jeeju's childhood stories and shuffle these facts together. One by one, recall such an incident in front of everyone and let them guess if they believe it was more likely to be done by the Mommy or the Daddy. Now, won’t that be fun?

Mani-Pedi Sessions

There’s never really, the “right time” to pamper yourselves with good ol’ fancy experiences. So, how about we do it all the time? Call some experts at home for mani-pedi sessions (that shouldn’t last for more than 30 mins each) and find your girl guests, happier, prettier and more relaxed than ever! Especially the Mom-to-be!

A Message For The Baby!

There’s something so exciting about recording a message and watching it play live, a couple of years later. Don’t you think? Well, it should be the same for the baby when he/she watches it after growing up a little! So, take out your video camera and ask each guest to give a small message to the baby. They could either speak a few lines about your sister, the dad-to-be, their relationship or just how much they will spoil the future baby! *wink*


Keep The Prezzies For The End

I know everyone waits eagerly for the presents to be opened throughout the party but I would suggest that it should ideally, be done right in the end - as the last activity of the day. Unwrapping the gifts could get a bit tiring after a while, especially if each of them is discussed and observed deeply. Which I believe it will be, considering most of these would include either baby-loving accessories or baby-proofing devices. Or stuff that makes the life of the mommy-to-be, much easier. So, doing this, in the end, would even help everyone unwind!

Don’t Forget Little Party Favours

This isn’t really mandatory. But according to me, a sweet gesture like handing out party favours at the end of the day, as a way of thanking everyone for making the baby shower a success - could make more difference than you think. Remember how happy you felt, as a child, when you walked away with a return gift at the end of your friend’s birthday? Let there be the same *childlike* joy and a smile on every guest’s face as they are about to leave, and end things on a much sweeter note. You could either choose to give them something edible like colourful and yummy, French macaroons, packaged with ribbons or a calming, scented candle that could ‘light up’ their days. (POPxo Recommends: Rose Scented Candle for Rs 299).

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