The Real Reason Why I Encourage Everyone To Take A Short Vacay Every Month!

The Real Reason Why I Encourage Everyone To Take A Short Vacay Every Month!

Dear Mumbai, 

As much as I love you, I can't live with you for a whole month. In order for us to live in harmony, I need to take a break from our relationship from time to time. Your pollution, traffic noise and 'evergrowing' family of Mumbaikars, drives me up the wall sometimes. I'm in a situation where I don't want to live with you, but can't leave you either. That's why I call 'time out' on us.

You see, I work in the media industry. Travel is a huge part of my job. In the train, catching a cab, on the street, I'm always pushed, shoved and sometimes even get into an argument because everyone is always in a rush to reach somewhere - but yet, they're always late. Thus, once a month, for my own sanity, I like to visit your friendly neighbours. I love Lonavala for its lush greenery, Alibaug for its quiet beaches (Vitamin Sea, please!), Panchgani for its fresh, juicy strawberries, Matheran for its clean air and Daman for its seafood.

I think not just Bombay, but any city for that matter can eat into your personal life if you open your doors to them. During my time off, I like to read for leisure and write down my thoughts into a journal. I love travelling so much, that I even bought a journal that has 'travel on my mind' as the cover caption for heaven's sake.

travel mumbai girl

In my opinion, I think breaks are important. They help you to gather your thoughts and calm your mind. Even if it's for a couple of days like the weekend, doing nothing is actually good for your mental health. During my vacay, I make sure that all gadgets are switched off. My phone and my tablet, I'm practically inaccessible for most of the day. All I have with me is a fun bunch of friends, good music and a fat book to keep me company. That's what keeps me high on energy when I return to Mumbai. 

It's strange how relaxed and sorted travel makes me feel. Even during rush hours, I maintain my cool. I avoid getting into arguments, I'm most of the times in a great mood and I hardly live with any drama. I believe that too much of one thing is not good for you. That's why no matter how much I love Mumbai, I love my space more. 

I urge you, girls, to travel more often too. It needn't be a lavish vacay abroad, somewhere near the city or even a staycation, would work to recharge your batteries. Whether you are travelling solo or on a girls trip - travel is travel. Only good experiences can come out of it. 

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