Nip And Tuck: Busting The Myths Around Aesthetic And Cosmetic Procedures!

Nip And Tuck: Busting The Myths Around Aesthetic And Cosmetic Procedures!

As soon as cosmetic or aesthetic treatments are mentioned, everyone just immediately thinks of duck lips and neutral facial expressions (or inexpressive facial features)

There is still a long-standing prejudice and aversion to the topic of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. More often than not, if you even mention the idea or express an intention to undergo any such procedure, there are chances you would get a, “but why would you want to do that? You are perfect and so pretty” or even an “I would never ruin my face like that.” On paper, these sound harsh, don’t they? But that is the kind of judgement that anyone who has undergone or wishes to undergo must face.

This results in a sort of shame-based psychological stigma being attached to these procedures. Before we delve into the misinformation, let’s make one thing extremely clear. Your face is a part of your body and so is the right to make a decision related to your face. Cosmetic and aesthetic procedures like facial fillers or anti-wrinkle treatments aren’t something that you do to “change” your look. At most these treatments are a correction or an enhancement that help you feel a little more confident in your own skin. Now that we are clear about the motive, we decided to team up with globally renowned plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio to shed some light on the procedures and also help us shatter the stigma around the same.

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Myth #1: I’m too young, fillers are for old people.

Yes, a majority of anti-wrinkle treatments and facial fillers are opted to curb the effects of ageing. Facial fillers volumise and boost facial features. People who have suddenly shed a large amount of weight or have been sick are also the ones who opt for these procedures. So, wanting or thinking of getting filler treatments has nothing to do with age.

Myth #2: I have a big face, fillers will just make it bigger

Facial fillers and other cosmetic treatments are usually targeted treatments that focus on certain areas of your face which also means that your already round face wouldn’t look more round. In fact, if you are getting an injectable aesthetic procedure for correction, you could consult your doctor and let them know that you are looking for a more chiselled look.

If there is a situation where you are not happy with the way the fillers look, the procedure can actually be reversed after a few days. You will not get stuck with a final look you do not like.

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Myth #3: Fillers just NEVER look natural.

While this is a legitimate concern, this is where the doctors come in. It is almost never the actual filler, but probably the person doing the treatment. You need to ensure the aesthetician you’ve picked is a  practitioner or a doctor who has been trained in the field and knows what they are doing. It is important that you have multiple consultations with the doctor who would be conducting the procedures. Ask them to show you some before and after pictures of the treatments they’ve already administered and talked about how much you are comfortable with. It also helps to voice these concerns so the doctors can personalise the treatment accordingly.

Myth #4: My face will change if I get fillers done. I won’t even be able to laugh out loud.

Injectable aesthetic treatments are not surgical. They can only enhance your look and give you volume in certain sullen areas. It does not have the power to completely change the way you look. The only thing different would be that you would end up looking fresher and a little more youthful.

The downtime is 15 minutes after the treatment with barely any bruising. But just as a precaution you should ensure you give your fillers a resting time of about 4-5 days.

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Myth #5: Once I start, I have to repeatedly get it done. That’s a lot of maintenance

It is true that you need to keep up with the procedures, but it isn’t as often as people think it is. It usually depends on where the fillers are places and the kind of fillers you get done. For some instances, you can even go on for two years before you even have to think about repeating the procedure.

While these myths have dealt with the MAJOR concerns there is one concern that people find disastrous solutions for. The money factor. When you look at the cost, you have to realise that this one-time treatment cost also ensures you do not need to get regular beauty treatments and facials done. So all in all, these treatments would work out to be a more economical bargain when it comes to beauty treatments.

A lot of people either do not opt for these procedures or look for a cheap deal. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT scrimmage on the cost for something that is going to be injected into your body. Always opt for the best treatments administered by experienced practitioners. They will guide you in the right direction and give you what you need. It is time to break the barriers of judgement and regain some confidence.