Gorgeous Bobby Pin Hairstyles *Every* Girl Must Try At Least Once!

Gorgeous Bobby Pin Hairstyles *Every* Girl Must Try At Least Once!

I think in my lifetime, I must have lost at least 500+ bobby pins. Not even one of them have I found till date. I'm sure that this is the case with most women out there. While bobby pins are easy to lose sight of, they also make pretty and useful hair accessories. Nowadays, bobby pins aren't designed to only secure a hairstyle, they've evolved. You can now use them to make a trendy hair statement. Whether you have long, medium or short hair, the beauty about using bobby pins is that they work with all hair types. However, before I talk to you about bobby pin hairstyles, I want you to know that bobby pins don't just come in one design - there are multiple variants. Let's check them out, shall we?

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    Types of Bobby Pins

    We women have always had an itch for adorning our hair! Starting from young kids to the older women we are today, hairpins are one such hair accessory that can't be done away with. And if you too have had your fair share of this little piece of metal, have a look at their types.

    1. Jumbo Hairpins

    As the name suggests, jumbo pins are the largest hairpins in the bobby pin family. Their main purpose is to hold thick and unruly hair together. Unlike other bobby pins, they don't have an un-wavy design to them. This allows the pins to provide a thicker grip. So ladies, if your hair is super thick and long, you might want to bring home jumbo hairpins.

    2. Regular Hairpins

    These bobby pins are commonly available everywhere. They're the regular sized ones and can be used to hold your bangs and flyaways. Because of their size, you can use these hairpins to decorate your mane in the most fashionable way possible. Make sure that you store them well though, these tend to get lost pretty easily.

    3. Mini Hairpins

    Did you know that mini hair pins come with rubber padding? They have it so that the pins do not fall or slip off from your hair. Women who have thin and flat hair should give these babies a try. Don't expect to make a bold fashion statement with these bobby pins, they're just meant to make your bangs and hairstyle look neat and tidy.

    4. U-Shaped Hairpin

    These are wider bobby pins which are used to secure updos and twisties. Some of them come with colourful beads, semi-precious stones and pearls on them. Sure, these hairpins look tiny and insignificant from afar, but if you place them well, they can make even the dullest hairstyle stand out and stay in place.

    Bobby Pin Hairstyles For Every Hair Length

    Of all the hair accessories out there, bobby pins rule the bay for being incredibly trendy and personable. There is no end to the way that bobby pins can update your hair-look. So, we turned to the latest Instragammable trends and found these 18 bobby pins hairstyles that'll spruce up your look in minutes. Get ready to stock up on 'em bobbies, girls!

    1. All To One Side

    Image Source

    2. Make A Hairband Out Of Them

    This hairstyle is perfect to try if you're running late. It's just pinning your hair to one side with the help of just 3-4 jumbo bobby pins. This hairstyle tends to suit women who have sleek and straight hair better than those who have frizzy and curly hair. You should try it sometimes.  

    Image Source

    I love this bobby pin hairstyles idea! I think it looks trendy and oh-so-chic. To get the look, you might want to straighten the crown area or use hairspray. Then carefully pin those bobby pins in a vertical fashion. You can either let your hair open and wavy or straighten it completely. Tadaa, you've your very own bobby pin hairstyle for long hair!

    3. Boxer Braids Got Prettier

    Image Source

    Remember Kylie Jenner's sexy boxer braids? You can make them look even more amazing if you use metallic bobby pins along the braid. A perfect hairstyle to wear either to the gym or to a sporty event like a basketball or cricket match.

    4. When Hashtags Make A Style Statement

    Image Source

    Who would have ever thought that a simple hashtag could make a serious fashion statement someday, right? Apparently, this one does. What she did was pretty simple. It's just a side plait that started off as a ponytail and later braided to perfection. This exposed bobby pin hairstyle will help you stand out even further.

    5. The Love Triangle

    Image Source

    If you want to add some fun to your hairstyle, you've got to experiment with bobby pins! They're the best. Take this triangle design for instance. Pinned to a simple half-up hairdo, choosing this hairstyle is bound to fetch you plenty of compliments.

    6. A Crown Made From Bobby Pins

    Image Source

    Take a moment to admire this visual piece of art? Beautiful, no? That's what I thought when I saw this bobby pin hairstyle. While it may look like a lot of work, it actually isn't. After tying your hair into a ponytail braid, you've got to spray loads of hairspray on your crown area. Then slowly pin the bobby pins in a zig-zag pattern. You're ready to slay in this bobby pin hairstyle for medium hair!

    7. That Dope Hairstyle

    Image Source

    I'm warning you now only, this hairstyle is going to take a large chunk of your time, but in the end, it'll be worth it. Instead of the usual black, I think you should play around with bronze or rose gold bobby pins. You'll have to begin by pulling your hair back and spraying it with hairspray. Once the crown area is set, you begin to slowly pin the bobby pins one by one. The hair at the bottom can remain frizzy or wavy - I leave that up to you. 

    8. Be A Rainbow!

    Image Source

    Everything about this hairstyle is AWESOME. The best part is that it's the easiest hairdo to do on the planet. You just have to make a topknot and then at random, pin the bobby pins into your bun. The more colourful they are, the better!

    9. Better In Pairs

    Image Source

    Two bobby pins fused together make a better style impression than one bobby pin can. Women who have shoulder-length hair should totally give this hairstyle a try. For prom or date night, all it takes is a few pretty bobby pins to slay your hairstyle.

    10. Next Destination - The Future!

    Image Source

    This futuristic hairstyle is worth giving a shot. For this hairstyle, you've got to make sure that your hair is naturally straight or straightened. A half upbraid teamed with a section from the crown area that's pulled back and secured with bobby pins - now that is genius!

    11. Four To Make A Statement

    Image Source

    Why hide the hair accessory when you can make it the centre of attention, right? This classic and romantic hairstyle would not be complete without the help of jumbo golden bobby pins. After all, a pop of metallic always makes for a classy, aesthetic look.

    12. Accessorize Your Way To Fame

    Image Source

    Babe, why fit in when you were born to stand out, right? This hairstyle is all sorts of awesome. It's fresh, unique and deserves 1000+ compliments. All you've gotta do is choose a section and keep pinning bobby pins repeatedly one below the other. Do it for the 'Gram, ladies!

    13. Pearls & Diamonds Make A Lovely Pair

    Image Source

    For a more glamorous look, you may want to use bobby pins that have pearls and diamonds on them. A cluster of them is enough to make people stop and notice. This bobby pin hairstyle for short hair will surely grab eyeballs.

    14. Focus On The Bottom

    Image Source

    Pinning these at the bottom also make a fashion statement. However, it won't look great if you choose to go with only regular bobby pins. You MUST go for ones that have some sort of work on them. Pearls, diamonds, precious stones, leaf motifs - whatever you like.

    15. Livin' Life King Size

    Image Source

    You don't really need hairspray for this hairstyle. Even messy works. All you need are these huge diamond-studded bobby pins to ace the look. The rest, you can leave your hair open.

    16. Art In The Making

    Image Source

    What you are looking at is pure art! For a wedding or an engagement party, this should be your go-to hairstyle. It's pinned from the sides and left loose at the bottom. This hairstyle will make you look like one of those runway models.

    17. The Crown At The Back

    Image Source

    Who said all Queen's must wear their crowns from the front? Wearing one at the back works too. Just above your low bun, you can pin them up. Even if you don't have triangular pins at home, you can use three regular bobby pins to form one triangle.  

    18. Look Like A Fineapple

    Image Source

    This hairstyle is for the girl who loves to experiment with trends. It's braided from the back, tied into a messy pony at the top and decorated with golden bobby pins in between the braids. How neat is that, right?

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