Here Are 8 Hilarious Translations Of Your Favourite English Words To Hindi

Here Are 8 Hilarious Translations Of Your Favourite English Words To Hindi

In the movie Queen when Kangana Ranaut asks her mother, “Mummy, heeng ko English me kya kehte hain?” her mom has an epic response that any desi maa would have- “heeng ko English me heeng hi kehte hain!”

Well, that’s not just Kangana and her mother in the movie but basically all of us struggling with English to Hindi translations and vice versa. There are a few English words that we are so used to using in our English conversations that we never knew there’s an equally cool Hindi word for each of them.

Check out some new-age English words used by millenials that have a relevant word in Hindi too:

1. Orgasm


(n) Feeling of intense pleasure that happens during a sexual activity.

In Hindi: Charam Sukh

Remember the scene in Veere Di Wedding when Meera gives her veeres (and us too) the much needed gyan on charam sukh?

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2. Feminist

(n) Person who supports feminism

In Hindi: Nariwadi

All the confusion revolving around the ‘F’ word aside, the Hindi translation sounds super cool, doesn’t it?

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3. Oh Shit!


(exp.) used to express anger or surprise

In Hindi: Satya Nash

The word my mom uses every time she looks at the messed up state of my room!

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4. Facepalm

(n) a gesture in which the palm is brought on the face to express annoyance, exasperation or embarrassment

In Hindi: Fitey Muh

Another cool word from my mom’s dictionary for every time I lose her beloved Tupperware.

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5. Bullshit


(n) Stupid or untrue talk or writing

In Hindi: Bakwas

Mostly used by bosses during presentations by employees.

6. Badass

(n) a tough and uncompromising person

In Hindi: Jhakkas

In other words, that employee who wouldn’t let the boss take credit for the team’s collective work.

7. Bitching


(n) To talk badly of a person behind their back

In Hindi: Chugli

What I and my BFF do when we meet after a long time.

8. Take A Chill Pill!

(exp.) Used to tell someone to calm down or ease up

In Hindi: Maje Kar!

My response when someone objects to what I am wearing. Remember what Rahul is asked to do when he has issues with Poo’s clothes in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham?

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