More Than Dosas & Idlis: 7 Delicious Dishes That You MUST Try In Chennai!

More Than Dosas & Idlis: 7 Delicious Dishes That You MUST Try In Chennai!

It’s not easy to find authentic, local food in a city which has changed so much because of external factors. It started as just a cluster of tiny villages near the Coromandel coast and now it’s one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country. We’re talking Tamil Nadu’s jewel, Chennai. Now if you think that South Indian cuisine is limited to only idlis and dosas, be ready to be pleasantly surprised because the food scene here is mouth-wateringly good. 

So Here Are Some Chennai Famous Food Dishes You’ve Got To Try The Next Time You’re In Chennai!

Your mouth is watering already? Yeah, same here.So Here are list of some of the chennai special food one must try if they visit to chennai.These are the local food in chennai from main dishes to sweet dishes.

Vadai Or Vada

The Indian Claypot

Vadai or vada is basically a deep fried delicious dish usually eaten at breakfast. You will be served this at almost every hotel’s breakfast buffet along with sambar and chutney. There are many types of vadas like medu vada, masala vadai, thayir vadai etc.


Idiappam is a noodle-based delicacy made with steaming and boiling rice flour. It’s usually served with sugar and coconut milk. If you want the best idiappam in town you’ve got to visit Sarvana Bhavan, A2B, Balaji Bhavan and Rathna Cafe.


Don’t confuse it with the festival! Pongal is a breakfast dish in Tamil Nadu served with sambar and chutney made with rice. It’s a healthy dish with loads of ghee and nuts to add flavour and crunch.

Thalapakkati Biryani

Mareena's Recipe Collections

Did you know Chennai has its own version of the biryani? Nope? Let us educate you. It is a type of biryani most commonly called dindigul thalapakkati biryani. The flavour is completely different from Hyderabadi and Lucknowi biryani and if you’re looking for some authentic South Indian food, you have to give this a try.

Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is basically a deep-fried chicken starter which was first introduced in Hotel Bahuri in the year 1965, hence the name. It is a delicious mix of chicken and assorted veggies and is a beloved dish to order when you step out for a meal.

Karandi Omelette

Karandi omelette is a must try for all you egg fanatics because of the fascinating style it has been made with. It has been prepared in a karandi, which is a big spoon and is most commonly stuffed with chicken or mutton. Yum right?! 

Mysore Paak

Archana's Kitchen

Dessert lovers, you need to try the Mysore Paak because Chennai sells more of it than even Mysore. This sweet literally melts in your mouth and is made with sugar, ghee and gram. You have to try it from these two places: Shri Krishna Sweets and Grand Sweets. It’s even a great gift to take back for your family and friends!

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