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Khel Khel Mein: 26 Cool Games That’ll Add Fun To Your Kitty Parties

Khel Khel Mein: 26 Cool Games That’ll Add Fun To Your Kitty Parties

What makes a kitty party fun? Great food, fancy decor and never-ending conversations! Well, you can always add some exciting and thrilling games to this list and get your friends excited for an extra dose of fun. Interestingly, there are quite a lot of games that you can play with things easily available within the convenience of your own house.

Check out these 26 amusing kitty party game ideas that you can play with your girl gang in the next kitty and keep your squad entertained throughout the afternoon.

One Minute Kitty Party Games


Rice And Buttons

What You Need: One bowl filled with rice, a small bowl, 50 buttons of two different colours - say red and yellow.

How To Play: Mix the buttons in the bowl full of rice. The participants have to pick up the buttons from the bowl of rice and put it in the empty bowl - 10 points for the red button and 5 points for the yellow button. Deduct 5 points for every grain of rice that’s spilt outside the bowl while picking the buttons.

Safety Pins And Rice

What You Need: A bowl full of rice, around 30 safety pins.

How To Play: Mix the safety pins in the bowl of rice. Blindfold the participant and ask them to separate as many safety pins as possible from the bowl in one minute. In the end, deduct the number of rice on the plate (if any) from the number of safety pins. The person who pulls out the maximum safety pins without spilling the rice is the winner.

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Pick The Buttons

What You Need: 5 red, 20 yellow and 40 white buttons, a pack of safety pins.

How To Play: Put all the buttons in a bowl. Assign points to the button of each colour (say 10 points to the white button, 20 points to the yellow and 50 points to the red). The players have to pick up as many buttons as possible in one minute using a safety pin.

Lock And Key

What You Need: Several pairs of locks and keys.

How To Play: Lock the locks and shuffle all the keys together. The player who unlocks the maximum number of locks in one minute is the winner.

The Shoe Exchange

What You Need: Practically nothing.

How To Play: Make teams of two. Partners have to exchange one of their shoes. The team that finishes first and settles down, is the winner.

Kitty Party Games With Balls


Tricolour Plastic Balls

What You Need: A container filled with plastic balls of three different colours (20 balls of each colour), three empty containers, one spoon.

How To Play: Place the container full of balls on a table. Each player should get three empty containers and one spoon. They have to transfer one ball from the first container to the second and from the second to the third with the help of the spoon. The middle container should always have two balls of different colours in it. The player who transfers the maximum number of balls in a minute is the winner.

Straw And Thermocol Balls

What You Need:  A container filled with thermocol balls, one empty container, 2 packs of straws.

How To Play: Players have to suck the thermocol balls with the help of straw and transfer them to the empty container. Time limit: 1 minute.

Stick The Cotton Balls

What You Need: A bowl filled with cotton balls, an empty bowl, vaseline.

How To Play: Players will first apply Vaseline on their face and put their face inside the bowl filled with cotton balls so that the balls stick to their face. They have to now transfer these balls to the empty bowl placed on another table. The player who transfers the maximum balls wins.

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Kitty Party Games With Coins


Coin On Pencil

What You Need: A new pencil with a flat end, a handful of one rupee coins, a piece of thermocol.

How To Play: Fix the pencil on the thermocol. Ask the players to stack the one rupee coins on the flat end of the pencil. The one who places the maximum coins is the winner.

Pick The Coin

What You Need: A bunch of coins

How To Play: Place the coins on a table. Now ask the players to pick up as many coins as they can using only one hand.

Coins On Cups

What You Need: A bunch of disposable glasses, coins

How To Play: Players have to arrange the cups in a way that they can balance one coin each between two glasses. The player who can balance the maximum coins wins.

Stack The Coins

What You Need: A bunch of Re 1 and Rs 2 coins

How To Play: Ask the players to make stacks of coins in such a way that each stack of coins add up to Rs 10. The person who makes the maximum stack of Rs 10 coins, is the winner.

White And Black Coins

What You Need: Chessboard, 32 coins of denomination 2 and 5.

How To Play: Players have to place the Rs 2 coin on the white check and the Rs 5 coin on the black check. The winner is the player who gets the maximum number of coins in the right square in a minute.

Kitty Party Games With Toothpick


Floating Brinjals

What You Need: A bowl filled with water, toothpicks, small brinjals

How To Play: Put the brinjals in the bowl of water. Give the players a toothpick each and ask them to pick as many brinjals as they can using the toothpick.

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Peas On A Toothpick

What You Need: A bowl full of peas, toothpicks

How To Play: Hand over a toothpick to each player. They have to pick up three peas in each toothpick.

Coins On A Paper Plate

What You Need: A paper plate, toothpicks, a bunch of coins

How To Play: Each player has to use a toothpick to balance the coins on the edge of the paper plate. The player who finishes the task the fastest is the winner.

Kitty Party Games With Cards


Drop The Playing Cards

What You Need: A bowl, a chair, a pack of playing cards

How To Play: The players will stand in front of the chair and the bowl will be placed on the ground at the back of the chair. Ask the players to throw the cards one by one in the bowl from over the chair. The player who gets the maximum cards in the bowl wins.

Search Your Pair

What You Need: Two packs of playing cards, plain paper

How To Play: Pick the same cards from both packs and give one to each player. Now ask the players to find the person who has the same card as them. The pair that finds their partner first is the winner.

Save The Royal Family

What You Need: A pack of cards, a tray

How To Play: On a tray place the king, queen and jack of one colour facing upwards. Place the rest of the cards facing downwards and covering the three cards. Now ask the players to blow the cards in a way that only the three cards remain on the tray. The task has to be completed in one minute.

Kitty Party Games With Bangles


Bangle And Candle Wax Drop

What You Need: A candle, matchbox, a wooden board, bangles

How To Play: Players have to drop the wax on the wooden board and stick the bangles on it. The person who sticks maximum bangles in a minute, wins. Only the bangles that stand straight on the board are counted.

Find My Bangle

What You Need: A bowl, six sets of bangles of six different colours

How To Play: Put the bangles in the bowl and shuffle them. Ask each player to choose one colour of their choice. In one minute, they have to pick up all the bangles in the colour they have chosen.

Bangles On A Pencil

What You Need: Pencils, bangles

How To Play: Give each player one pencil and ask them to pick up the maximum number of bangles using that pencil.

Pencil The Bangle

What You Need: A piece of thermocol, 20 bangles, one pencil

How To Play: Fix the pencil in the thermocol stand. Make the players stand at a distance from the stand and ask them to throw the bangles one by one over this pencil stand.

Kitty Party Games On Paper


Reverse Alphabets

What You Need: Pens and papers

How To Play: Ask each player to write down the alphabet in reverse order and also write a word starting with that alphabet in front of it. The player who finishes first is the winner.

Challenge Your Memory

What You Need: Pencil, paper, a tray, different objects like glass, fruit, a book, a piece of cloth etc.

How To Play: Arrange the objects on the tray. Show the tray to all the players for a few seconds and then hide it. Now ask them to make a list of all the items that they saw previously. The player who gets the maximum names correct wins.

The Guessing Game

What You Need: Papers, pens, a big bowl

How To Play: Each person should write one lie and two truths about themselves in a piece of paper. All the paper should be then folded and placed in the bowl. Now one person has to read out all the lies and truths and everyone has to guess the author.

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