'Sharma Ji Ke Bachon Se Kuch Seekho' & 19 Other Things Only Desi Dads Say

'Sharma Ji Ke Bachon Se Kuch Seekho' & 19 Other Things Only Desi Dads Say

Your father is your biggest strength, your first love and an irreplaceable figure in your life. Despite his stern opinions and rules about everything related to you, he is still the only man who you know will be by your side. Always.

With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to shower some love and gratitude to your dad. But wait, don’t desi dads get all awkward around the mushy expression of love and affection? So this Father’s Day, we are sharing some awesome dialogues and one-liners that our desi Indian fathers throw at us at just the right moment:

1. “Hum Jab Tumhari Umar Ke The…”


*Bringing back a series of rhetorical memories from their childhood*

2. “Isi Din Ke Liye Paal Pos Ke Bada Kiya Tha Tumhe?”

Who says only moms can be melodramatic?

3. “Government Job Ki Tayari Kar Lo. Kya Rakha Hai Private Job Me?”

Because your distant cousin is a government employee too.

4. “Ye Kaise Kapde Pehne Hain?”


No way you are going out wearing that dress, not at least when daddy is home.

5. “Kya Burai Hai Arranged Marriage Me?”

“I and your mother didn’t even see each other before our wedding and look how happy we are now.”

6. “Aage Ka Kya Socha Hai??”

This can lead to a never-ending rant on your life choices including studies, job, shaadi, relationship, money and so on and so forth.

7. “Paise Ped Pe Nahi Ugte..”


Or do you think your dad is some Ambani?

8. “Jab Tumhare Bachche Honge Tab Samajh Aayega!”

He’s right ladies! You have to first get into his shoes to understand him.

9. “Sharmaji Ke Bachcho Se Kuch Seekho”

No matter what you do in life, you can never beat Sharmaji’s kids.

10. “Tumhare Dost Bhi Apne Baap Se Aise Hi Baat Karte Hain?”


*Awkward silence*

11. “Humare Jamane Ki Toh Baat Hi Kuch Aur Thi!!”

The inevitable comparison with the good ol’ days.

12. “Ye Dost Zindagi Bhar Kaam Nahi Aaenge”

Because your friends are just a bunch of useless losers.

13. “Zubaan Mat Ladao Mujhse”


Don’t you dare!

14. “Jab Mai Gaon Se Dilli Aaya Tha Toh Mere Jeb Me Bas 10 Rupaye The Or Aaj Dekho Main Kaha Hu”

But daddy how is that even possible?

15. “Bas 99 In Maths? 1 Number Kaha Gaye?”

There’s always scope for improvement.

16. “Mummy Se Pucho”


Because mom’s approval is dad’s approval.

17. “Beta Mere Facebook Ka Password Kya Hai?”

He just won’t remember it even if it is his mobile number.

18. “Abhi Padh Lo Bad Me Aish Hi Aish Hai”

Perhaps, the biggest lie he tells you, but for your own good.

19. “Akhir Beti Kiski Hai?”


Nothing can make him beam with pride more than your accomplishments.

20. “Abhi Tera Baap Zinda Hai!”

He has his own sweet ways of supporting you whenever you think your world is falling apart.

Indian dads are awesome and no matter how different they are from each other what almost all of them share are these typical and classic retorts.

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