10 Women Reveal The Most Awkward Conversations They've Had With Their Fathers!

10 Women Reveal The Most Awkward Conversations They've Had With Their Fathers!

Father’s and daughters share a special bond, a bond that makes moms VERY jealous! We all love our dads but sometimes we just can’t talk to them, you know? We decided to bring in Father’s Day by reminiscing (read: cringing and giggling) at some of the most a-w-k-w-a-r-d conversations we have HAD to have with dad.

From wanting to gift our virginity to accidentally wearing our underwear, our dad’s have said and done it all! Here’s 10 of the most embarrassing conversations team POPxo has had with their daddy dearests.

1. My father wanted me to gift my virginity to my husband

My father is extremely supportive and open-minded and I have spoken to him about close to everything. But even after sharing that kind of a bond he once took me to the side and said something that made me super awkward. During one of our long father-daughter walks, while I was giving my 12th-grade board exams, he told me that I should not lose my virginity before marriage and it would be the best gift I could give my husband. The funny thing is that I had already lost my virginity before we had this chat. Now, of course, he knows that I have a boyfriend and he even lets me go on trips alone with him but he’s never talked about any of it with me again.

- Anandita Malhotra, Senior Writer

2. I made a terrible mistake

My uncle was the youngest brother amongst three, I was 5 when he got married. After my uncle and aunt’s wedding, we were at home relaxing, talking to each other and trying to get to know my new aunt. After a long, long day, my uncle finally got a few minutes alone with his new wife. They were sitting in their room by themselves when I entered without knocking (my bad). It took my 5-year-old smartass brain less than a second to realise that I had entered the room at a bad time as my uncle was asking my aunt for a kiss. I ran out of the room and confessed it to my father as I thought I had made a HUGE mistake. God, you should have seen my father’s face as he tried to convince me that my uncle and aunt weren’t actually trying to kiss.

- Chhavi Porwal, Junior Editor

3. My dad accidentally wore my shorts as underwear

Thinking it was his underwear, my dad wore my cycling tights to work one day. He was later complaining to my mom how tight they were for him. When he got to know they were mine, he and I had a hearty laugh after that. I could tell how embarrassed he was - but hey, so was I!  

- Sharon Alphonso, Senior Writer

4. I’m such a nincompoop

I was in the fifth grade and I remember coming home all excited to tell my dad that I had learnt a new word at school. He was watching something on TV and I went up to him and said, “I learnt a synonym for the word stupid.” My dad asked me what it was. I ended up saying nymphomaniac instead of nincompoop. You all can imagine how embarrassing that was for both me and him. I really was a nincompoop! LOL!

-Niyati Budhiraja, Senior Writer

5. Papa, what’s a hooker?

I’ve been watching FRIENDS for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a young kid and before I even understood most of the jokes I would watch it because my older sister was addicted to it. During one such episode, my dad had decided to join in on the binge-watch. I must have been in the fourth grade and was still a naive kid. The word hooker was mentioned by Joey and young, little me immediately asked, ‘Papa what is a hooker?’. To which my poor dad got extremely worked up, flustered and awkwardly replied, ‘That is a woman who does very wrong things.’ I still laugh hard whenever I think about this.

- Priyanka Ghura, Assistant Editor

6. While you process this, I’ll BRB (not)

Dad and I have always been close. It’s easier to tell him things than it is to tell mom because he’s more level-headed and has a ‘let’s work through it’ attitude, rather than suddenly reacting negatively. So when I had to tell them about my boyfriend, I chose to break the news to him before I did to mom. I sat him down, told him I had a boyfriend and I was serious about him. The most awkward part of this conversation was not telling him but that I had planned the perfect escape. I had already asked my friends to wait outside my house so that we could go for dinner. I broke the news to him and even before he had the time to process it, I ran out of the house screaming that I would be coming back late at night. It was hilarious and super awkward.

Srishti Gupta, Deputy Editor

7. Dad, I’m menstruating!!

My dad and I have always been very close. The culture that was encouraged in my house, ever since I was a kid, was one that allowed us to speak our mind and talk about everything. Nothing was off the table. This one time, however, when my mother was out of town, I got the worst bout of period cramps I had in months. I was still 14 at the time, and hadn’t spoken to my father really about periods. With no medicine in the house, and no sanitary napkins either, I mustered up the courage to tell my father what was going on. And awkwardly enough, he was very sweet about it. He ran down to the pharmacy, called me up to check which brand I wanted, then came back and fixed me a hot water bottle and some tea to make me comfortable. He even checked on me the entire day to see how I was doing, and if I needed him to get something else that would make it better.

- Aishwarya Dravid, Editor

8. Tampons, what?

My parents and I share a pretty casual relationship, we're like friends (where most things are concerned). No topic of discussion has been off-limits as such. With dad, it's okay to tell him the truth and with mum, sometimes you've got to spin a web of lies. I remember a very funny incident that occurred when we were on vacation. I'd bought a box of tampons. They were in the same bag as the marshmallows we'd just bought. He opened the box of tampons not knowing what it was and was wondering why the marshmallows looked so odd. He had no idea what tampons were and me and my mom had a hearty laugh explaining it to him!

- Nidhi Kavle, Deputy Editor

9. Tell me what’s your flavour?

My conversations with my dad could be a few individual stand-up acts by itself. Weirdly nothing is off limits around dad. Sex talk and appreciating hot boys was a regular thing. I got my first lecture about transvestites in Bangkok when I went to see a glam performance. I was 13 and even then I don't think my dad left anything out. He told me everything. Yes. Everything.

What's more awkward about my dad is his behaviour. Sometimes you spot a hot guy and you get all flushed. Hope to the lord you're not stuck with my dad during such a situation. Cause if you are and you say the guy on the next table is good looking and then you see your father indiscreetly turning a whole 180 degrees to check the guy out. From this to him forgetting my friend's names and calling them 'flavour of the week' or referring to potential dates as future sons-in-law is more embarrassing.

- Kannagi Desai, Deputy Editor

10. I ended up telling my dad to remarry in front of my whole family

My dad's favourite thing is to tease me about marriage. Like every day, all the time and I’m not even exaggerating. I remember, one day, we had relatives over and my uncle kept asking me all kinds of questions about marriage and my dad decided to chime in by asking, "Do you want to get married or not?" to which I replied, "aap karlo ek baar aur" without even realising. You should have seen my Daadi's face, it still gives me the chills. :p

- Aayushi Pareek, Social Media Coordinator

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