To Maa & Papa, With Love: 10 Thoughtful Gifts To Give Your Parents On Your Wedding Day

To Maa & Papa, With Love: 10 Thoughtful Gifts To Give Your Parents On Your Wedding Day

You are finally getting married to the love of your life. If there has been someone who has selflessly supported you through every step of this rollercoaster ride, it’s your parents. Now that you won’t be around so often to express your gratitude to them, it’s the perfect time to thank them for all that they have done for you over the years, especially when you needed them the most (throughout your wedding preparations!).

Because great parents deserve a great gift, here are10 thank you gifts you can give your parents on your wedding that they will genuinely love and appreciate.

A Handy Pouch To Store Essentials


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Your mom is as happy as you because it’s your big day but she is also stressed out as she wants everything to be perfect. For sure, she will forget where she placed the money she was just carrying or lose track of her mobile phone! A cute looking pouch that helps mommy organise her money, keys, mobile and other essentials will be the perfect wedding gift you can give her.

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A Great Planner To Tick Off Their To-Do Lists


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Who’s going to keep a record of their medical appointments, grocery lists and bills and expenses when you aren’t around? Well, haven’t they been forgetting a lot lately? If your parents have a hard time understanding Google calendar and making lists on Evernote, gift them a unique planner or a journal that will help them keep their schedule organised with minimum efforts.

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A Weekend Getaway To Unwind And Relax


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After all the efforts and hard work they have put in your wedding, they deserve a great vacation to de-stress and unwind. Book them tickets to a place they have always wanted to go where they can treat themselves to some TLC!

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A Framed Memory Of The Good Times


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They are going to miss you more than you can imagine. So choose a picture that brings back great memories of you and your parents and get it framed. It will make them relive the past and every time they look at it they will share a hearty laugh thinking of the happy times together.

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A Gift Of Technology


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If you have lost count of the number of times you have helped your mom facetime your aunt or showed your dad how to attach an image to a WhatsApp chat, you are not alone. However, rather than rolling your eyes next time, be patient with them and teach them how to use technology to connect. So that they know how to log onto the laptop and make a video call like a pro and read books and watch videos on their phones in their leisure time.

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A Membership To Something They Love


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Your parents’ whole world has revolved around you so when you are gone they may find it difficult to kill their time and stay busy. Sign them up for something they have always wanted to do (dancing, swimming, painting, sports, singing) to assure they have something to keep them occupied always.

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Spa Vouchers For Some TLC!


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Sure, the wedding is going to be one helluva celebration. But think of all the mental, emotional and physical stress it would cause your parents. After, all they are the ones who are going to do all the running around and the shaadi ki tayyari! When everything’s done and all the relatives are gone, book them up for a spa session to help them unwind and relax.

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A Heartfelt Note In A Cute Notebook


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Regardless of how many times you thank them for all that they have done for you, it will never be enough. Take out some time from all the hullabaloo of the wedding preparations and write a heartfelt thank you note for them in a cute notebook. Trust us, this is the best gift you can ever give them!

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A Monogrammed Gift For A Personal Touch


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A personalised gift shows that you have put in some thought and effort in your gift hunting endeavours. Get your parents a watch or a gold ring with a cute message, a memory, or their initials engraved on it to make them feel special on your big day.

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Smart Kitchenware To Make Their Life Easier


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Now that you won’t be around to share their workload, gift them something that helps them do their daily chores in the kitchen and makes everyday life easier for them. Smart kitchen appliances like a coffee maker or a roti maker can save them time and efforts and can come handy on days when they are too worked out.

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We can never repay our parents for all that they have done for us. But with these sentimental gifts we can definitely tell them how much we love them and how grateful we are to have them in our life.

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