The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: 10 Brutal Truths About Dating A Gemini

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: 10 Brutal Truths About Dating A Gemini

It’s easy to find a Gemini. He is the one who slides a witty remark into every conversation. The one who wants to know how you like your coffee. The one who wants to take you to places you have never been to and make you listen to music you never knew existed. Though Geminis receive a lot of slander on the internet, dating them has its own set of pros and cons. It’s like riding a roller coaster- get on one only if the thrill doesn’t scare you!

If that charming guy you found on Tinder is a Gemini, here’s the good, the bad and the ugly side of dating him that you must know before you hop on that roller coaster.

The Good

1. He Will Give You Some Of The Best Days Of Your Life


He will bring adventure and excitement to your life. Be prepared to eat at a new place and try a new dish every time you go on a date with him. His non-exhaustive energy will always keep you on your toes. One day you will find yourself trekking on the hills and the next day you will be partying at the coolest club in the city. In short, when you are dating a Gemini, life will never be boring and stale, not even for a moment.

2. He Will Always Have Something To Talk About


Geminis are great conversationalists. This is because they rule the planet of communication- Mercury. There are no awkward silences on first dates because they can talk about anything under the sun. On your dates, detailed conversations will flow naturally and you will be surprised how you never have to put in any effort to keep it going.

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3. He Will Never Get Tired Of Hearing You Talk


Right from the books you read to the music you love and the schools you attended to the subjects you studied in college, he will want to know it all. Don’t worry about talking too much because when it comes to conversations a Gemini knows no such thing.

The Bad

4. He Will Be A Natural Flirt


He will flirt effortlessly but harmlessly, even if he is already seeing you, because for him it is pretty normal. Geminis like attention and compliments coming in from the opposite sex. But that doesn’t make them any less loyal or faithful. So he will flirt with other women, nevertheless, he will always come home to you.

5. He Will Demand Space.. And A Lot Of It


A Gemini must have his distance to feel close to you. A little bit of space is what everyone needs but your Gemini beau will need a little more. So don’t fret if he wants to stay indoors and watch his favourite thriller when all you want to do is hang out with him. For the same reason, Geminis easily thrive in a long distance relationship, even if it means living 6000 km away!

6. He Will Be Insecure


Because they have a hard time dealing with their emotions, Geminis tend to be more insecure than the rest. They try so hard to be liked that they fail to understand their own feelings. Though they may look like the life of the party on the outside, on the inside they are not confident enough to show their true side.

The Ugly

7. He Is Distant From His Emotions


Geminis are very complicated when it comes to their emotional side. One moment he will be totally into you and the next moment he may seem cold and distant. He will either talk to you about an emotional topic for hours or not talk at all. The conflicting emotions of Geminis give them two (and sometimes more) personalities always fighting with each other.

8. He Will Not Take Responsibility For His Mistakes


Geminis avoid accountability for their mistakes like a 2-year-old who just wouldn’t admit to scribbling on the wall. He will often make long stories as excuses for his mistakes. Even if you want a simple “I am sorry, I won’t do this again”, with him this will be hard earned.

9. He Will Not Be Ready For Commitment


The idea of committing to one person can be terrifying for a Gemini. They love living in their bubble more than they like to face reality. So, a real relationship can sometimes feel too boring to them. But when he starts feeling deeply enough for you, he will commit, and for the long term.

10. He Will Forgive But Not Forget


There’s no taking words back and no erasing incidents from their memory. They will remember every single syllable of what you said in an argument. Even if you are lucky enough to get their forgiveness, be prepared to hear its mentions in future arguments.

Dating a Gemini will certainly be the most adventurous journey of your life. But it’s good to be prepared for everything that’s coming with your Gemini bae!

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