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Nothing Can Bring You Down: The BEST Ways To Deal With Haters & Negative Folks!

Nothing Can Bring You Down: The BEST Ways To Deal With Haters & Negative Folks!

You can be the sweetest person in the room and some people will still find a flaw in you, try to pull you down and interfere with your positive vibe through discouraging comments. Negative human emotions such as greed, anger and jealousy can lead to such behaviour in people. It happens, we live in a world of polarities. You don't have to lose your charm because of that. You can just choose to be a bigger person, set an example and show the haters some love instead. Here's how you can not let such people get you down!   

1. Understand that your path is right

The emergence of haters in life may also mean that you are doing something right. You're following a bright path and you're moving towards success much faster than others. The feeling of competition or general amazement may result in haters but it certainly comes as a sign that you are on the right path and must continue with a good heart. 

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2. Grow by being more accepting of others

While observing the negative behaviour of people towards you, you can always teach yourself to accept a variety of emotions and to be at peace with everything. With such a mature approach, instead of complaining about your haters, you will start understanding them and will have more empathy towards them. This will make you their biggest supporter even in the hard times. You can always show your support and love to your haters in a million ways without actually saying it, for example with this Stay Humble Poster (Rs 150) around your desk. Now that's growth on a deeper level, isn't it? 

3. Use the opportunity to learn how to deal with conflict maturely

People are busy criticising you but you can always choose to take the high road. This will make you more humble as a person. You will start trusting your own instincts more than listening to other people's opinion of you. Dealing with your haters is also an opportunity to learn how to handle conflict better. Use these experiences in a more productive way when needed.  

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4. Learn to control your anger and ignore negativity

Dealing with people who do not appreciate you as you are will also help you in learning how to control anger while ignoring all the negativity in the room. Even in the most negative scenarios, you'll know how to bring the light or when someone's abusing you with their behaviour, you'll know how to keep yourself calm. You will become someone who can't easily be provoked and that's awesome. No one can play with your emotions. Haters always work in groups. They need gossip buddies to spread the toxic vibe and it's good for you as it's easy to ignore all that negativity at the same time. In fact, something as basic as humble words on your journal can help you feel grateful for all you have achieved and stay calm. Try this quirky Gratitude Journal (Rs 249)

5. Celebrate your achievements

Others might say things like 'it won't work' or 'your business will never pay all your bills' but instead of taking it to the heart, you can use the discouragement to motivate you to become more successful. You do not need to prove yourself to anyone but it's always great to see yourself moving in a direction upwards.

Dealing with haters can rather be a way to celebrate your victories. Accomplishing something after some people told you 'you couldn't', now that's the win-win we're talking about. Be grateful for your victories, despite so much hate, you received opportunities and you nailed them every single time. Plus, you can always find quiet ways of conveying these motivational messages to your colleagues or friend. For instance, through the accessories, you carry like a cute No Stopping Me laptop skin (Rs 499).

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