Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Biryani In Hyderabad!

Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Biryani In Hyderabad!

Who doesn't love a piping hot bowl of lazaddaar Biryani? This pot full of delicious goodness is a perfect amalgamation of soft-boiled rice with flavoursome veggies, meats and spices. The lovely aroma of this dish is enough to satiate your palate and transport you into biryani heaven! A nice hot bowl of biryani can get rid of your blues and spread joy and warmth at any time of the day! 

With such a nuanced variety of delectable biryanis, it's impossible to pick a favourite. Although some may enjoy the sweetness of potatoes and eggs in a Bengali-style biryani or the subtle mildness of flavours in a Lucknowi one, I happen to be a fan of the spicy, Hyderabadi biryani. What makes this dish unique is it's 'dum' style of cooking which was adopted from Persia during the reign of the Mughals in India. Hyderabadi biryani is usually, prepared by cooking raw meat and raw rice together in a handi with traditional spices and a little bit of water. While in other biryanis, the emphasis is mostly put on the flavours of the meat, the addition of dry fruits and spices such as sambar patta and saffron is highlighted in this one.


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While my own city does have a pretty good range of Hyderabadi biryanis, wouldn't it just be a different experience altogether to indulge in a biryani from the place which gave birth to this piece of art? So, if you're looking forward to visiting Hyderabad anytime soon, these 8 restaurants serve the best, most unforgettable biryani!

1. Hotel Shadab 


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Situated near Charminar and in the heart of a populated, old Hyderabadi society, Hotel Shadab is one such place that gives you a rare kind of comfort. Its cosy environment makes you feel like home, you can sit cross-legged and eat with your hands without any hesitation. Known for it's authentic, finger-licking, biryanis and spicy salan, Hotel Shadab has been around since 2002. It's one of the most frequented places by locals and renowned for dishes like Mutton Biryani, Haleem and Dum Ka Chicken.

Location - Near High Court Road, Opp Madina Circle, Charminar, Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500012

Contact - 040 71327496

2. Paradise


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Since 1953, Paradise is one such brand that has been known to serve not just Hyderabad's, but "world's favourite biryani". And honestly, nothing makes a Hyderabadi's heartbeat sing like a serving of a freshly cooked, Chicken Biryani. Paradise biryanis have always been praised for their moist and flavoursome, chunks of chicken which taste better than those served in top hotels. Paradise also serves thousands of cups of Irani chai with their extremely popular, Osmania biscuits and samosas, every day.

Location - 12, NH163, Om Vihar Colony, Sri Sai Nagar, Canara Nagar, Peerzadiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500098

Contact - 040 27205150

3. Bawarchi


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Over two decades old, Bawarchi has been known to serve some of the best meaty dishes in the city. The unmatched taste of its biryanis has been personified by the fact that the restaurant remains forever jampacked during dinner hours. It's frequently visited by many celebrities and popular personalities as well. Although their boti kebabs, hariyali kebabs and Chicken 65 remain in popular demand, their Hyderabadi mutton biryani is what mostly brings everyone back to Bawarchi.

Location - Plot No.44, RTC Cross Road, Opposite Sandhya Theatre, Chikkadpally, New Nallakunta, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500020

Contact - 040 27605308

4. Cafe Bahar 


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This 45-year-old cafe initially, began as a tea stall, serving only Irani chai with Osmani biscuits and samosas. Soon after, it grew into a full-fledged restaurant which now, serves some of the most flavourful and authentic, home-cooked meat curries and biryanis. Despite having a huge space, the cafe is always bustling with endless queues of people trying to place their orders or find a seat. Their Hyderabadi biryani and chicken kebabs with mint chutney are the most sought-after dishes.

Location - 815/A, Old MLA Quarters Road, Avanti Nagar, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500029

Contact - 040 23243798

5. Alpha Hotel 


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Located right in front of the Secunderabad railway station, it serves as an instant food heaven for all famished tourists who can't help but get attracted by the aromas of mouth-watering, biryanis and kebabs being freshly prepared in the kitchens. While Masala Chicken, Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani are it's most famous delicacies in non-veg, vegetarian dishes like Gobhi Manchurian, Palak Paneer and Bhaji Gurdas served with an Irani chai are also in popular demand.

Location - Station Road, Opposite Railway Station, Shivaji Nagar, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500003

Contact - 040 66495583

6. Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant 


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During the days of Ramadan, Shah Ghouse cafe remains one of the most bustling places in the city (even finding a seat here is a challenge) for indulging in the quintessential Hyderabadi cuisine or their favourite, Mutton biryani with spicy haleem. Whenever you enter this quaint little restaurant - either early in the morning or midnight, the quality of its food will always be super fresh and its quantity, much more than you'll expect. Wash it down with a chilled glass of lassi or a cup of delicious, chai ki chuski and your day is made!

Location - Opposite SA Imperial Gardens, Near RTA Office, Salarjung Colony, Tolichowki, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500008

Contact - 040 64617789

7. Chicha's 


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For those who prefer a dash of sweetness in their biryani, Chicha's is the best place where you need to be! Apart from their biryanis being extremely scrumptious and their meats super tender and generous, what really makes their Hyderabadi biryani unique is their addition of saffron - the aroma of which hits our senses instantly and makes the dish even more irresistible. These biryanis are served with a thick and tangy, dahi ki chutney and a Mirchi ka salan to balance the sweet and spicy flavours on your palate.

Location - 6-2-39, AC Guards Road, Opposite Kun Hyundai, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500004

Contact - 995991110

8. Sarvi Hotel


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This award-winning restaurant was initially just a little bakery on the Banjara Hills that sold some pretty good cakes. What started as a little treat of Haleem and biryani during Ramadan in the neighbourhood soon transformed into a restaurant which now, serves some of the most delectable South and North Indian cuisines with authentic Iranian and Hyderabadi flavours! While their Chicken kebabs are known to melt in your mouth, their Mutton Biryani and Chicken Dum Biryani are actually crispy on the outside and tender from the inside. Sounds like something new and lazaddar to try, don't you think?

Location - 6-2-626, Opposite Care Hospital, Road 1 & 11, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500034

Contact - 040 23391114

BRB, ordering myself some Hyderabadi biryani right now! Do I see you doing the same? *wink*

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