In Your Dreams, Baby: Here's What Your Sex Dreams Really Mean!

In Your Dreams, Baby: Here's What Your Sex Dreams Really Mean!

We've always been told that our dreams are a reflection of our subconscious mind. But what is our subconscious trying to tell us through those sometimes naughty, sometimes freaky sex dreams we've all had at least once in our lives? Some of them may be normal but some of them are really weird and you wake up disoriented. Remember the ones that involve your ex? Ugh! Don't want to be reminded of him EVER again. But don't worry, sex dreams aren't necessarily about your sexual desires. They are more to do with how you're feeling in your relationship or your unfulfilled desires. So let's find out what the most common sex dreams actually mean!

1. Stranger Danger

Have you ever dreamt about having sex with the cute stranger in front of you in the line at the coffee shop? Or the stranger you had intense eye contact with in the metro? Well, it has nothing to do with your conscious desire to ravage you. It means that there was some aspect of their personality that you want to bring about in your own life. Think of what crossed your mind as soon as you saw them - those are the qualities you want to emulate too. It could also signify your desire to be more authoritative in your life.

2. Ex-Files

If you've recently been dreaming about having sex with an ex, don't fret! It is the most common sex dream and a lot of people have it. However, it never signifies any leftover feelings you might have for him. Instead, it is a sign that you miss a certain aspect of their personality and not them per se. If you're in a new relationship and dreaming about your ex, it could mean that you're constantly comparing your present boyfriend to your ex which is causing a conflict in your mind. You may be missing certain elements your ex brought into your life and that's okay!

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3. A Violation Of Will

It is a huge red flag if you dream about having sex against your will, being raped or having violent sex. If this has happened to you in real life, you might want to seek medical attention because it could signify serious trauma. However, if it hasn't happened to you in real life and you still dream about it, it could mean that you're feeling helpless and powerless in some aspect of your life and that is really bothering you.  

4. Celeb Crushes

You might think that you're dreaming about having sex with somebody famous or your celebrity crush because you love them so much. But these dreams mean nothing like that. Having sex with someone famous in your dreams means you want to feel more special and important in the world. To add to this, it could also mean that you crave the power and wealth they signify.

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5. Besties Forever

Dreamt about having sex with a best friend of the same gender even though you're straight? Well, it does not mean that you desire them or your sexual preferences have changed overnight. It just means that there are qualities about them that you really admire and wish to bring about in your own life too!

6. Cheater Cheater

If you dream about being cheated on or cheating, it has nothing to do with whether it is happening in real life or not. In fact, if you dream about cheating on your partner, it could signify that you're guilty of doing something that you're scared they will find out, no matter how insignificant it is. If you dream about being cheated on, it means that you're insecure in your relationship because of what's currently happening or because of issues you faced in the past.

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7. Putting On A Show

Having sex in public can be a little daunting and embarrassing, especially if you're caught. So, if you're dreaming about having sex in public, it means the same thing - the fear of being humiliated or ridiculed in public, especially in front of all the people who you love and value, for something you've done that you're secretly ashamed of! 

8. Who's Got The Power

Have you ever dreamt about having sex with your professor or your boss or the dean of your college? Don't worry, you don't suddenly have the hots for them. It only means that you're finally coming into your own power and owning up to who you are. This is making you more confident in your decisions and your daily life.

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9. Sex With Someone You Hate

You wouldn't imagine having sex with someone you hate when you're awake then why do you dream of the same when you're asleep? Well, this simply means that you're finally finding a common ground with them to bond over. This could also mean that you're secretly envious of something they have and you want!

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